Sunday, 28 June 2015

Telangana Teachers G.O.MS No 16 Revised Rationalisation Norms ammendments to GO MS no 12.

Telangana Teachers G.O.MS No 16 Revised Rationalisation Norms

  1. AMENDMENT “The point (1) (d) of Rule 5 of the Telangana Teachers (Regulation of Transfers) Rules, 2015 is deleted”
  2. In order to facilitate and regulate the transfers of Head Masters, Grade II (Gazetted) and Teachers working in Government / ZPP / MPP Schools, Government of Telangana have decided to issue the Rules relating to transfers.
  3. In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 78 and 99 of Telangana Education Act, 1982 and under Article 309 of the Constitution of India and in supersession of all the earlier Rules and Guidelines on Transfer of Teachers, the Government of Telangana hereby makes the following Rules regulating the transfers of the categories of Head Masters Gr.II (Gazetted), School Assistants and S.G.T.s and their equivalent categories working in the Government Schools and Z.P.P. and MPP Schools in the State of Telangana.



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