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RC 279 Dt.9.7.15. Latest Revised Proceedings on School Time Table for Upper Primary and High Schools


Rc. No. 279/B/C&T/SCERT/2015                                                                 Dated: 9-7-2015

Sub:-    School Education – Academic Calendar  - School Time Table for Upper Primary and High Schools in the State – instructions – Revised proceedings – orders Issued.
Read:- School Academic Calendar for the year 2015-16

            All the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that, the existing  9 period pattern of school time table for Upper Primary Schools and High Schools have been revised into 8 periods pattern of school time table and workload  from the year 2015-16 for effective implementation of overall development of learner based teaching learning process , keeping  in view of the RTE recommendations, The details are as follows:
School timings for Upper Primary Schools (VI to VIII) 
First Bell                    :           9.00 AM
Second Bell               :           9.05 AM
School Assembly      :           9.05 – 9.15 AM (10 minutes)
First Period                :           9.15 – 10.00 AM (45 minutes)
Second Period           :           10.00 – 10.45 AM (45 minutes)
Break                         :           10.45-10.55 AM (10 minutes)
Third Period              :           10.55 – 11.40 AM (45 minutes)
Fourth Period            :           11.40 – 12.25 AM (45 minutes)
Lunch Break             :           12.25 – 1.15 PM (50 minutes)
Fifth Period               :           1.15 – 2.00 PM (45 minutes)
Sixth Period              :           2.00 – 2.40 PM (40 minutes)
Break                        :           2.40 – 2.50 PM (10 minutes)
Seventh Period         :           2.50 – 3.30 PM (40 minutes)
Eighth Period           :           3.30 – 4.10 PM (40 minutes)
 School timings for High Schools (VI to X)
First Bell                    :           9.30 AM
Second Bell                :           9.35 AM
School Assembly       :           9.35 – 9.45 AM (10 minutes)
First Period                :           9.45 – 10.30 AM (45 minutes)
Second Period           :           10.30 – 11.15 AM (45 minutes)
Break                         :           11.15-11.25 AM (10 minutes)
Third Period              :           11.25 – 12.10 AM (45 minutes)
Fourth Period            :           12.10 – 12.55 AM (45 minutes)
Lunch Break             :           12.55 – 1.45 PM (50 minutes)
Fifth Period               :           1.45 – 2.30 PM (45 minutes)
Sixth Period              :           2.30 – 3.15 PM (45 minutes)
Break                        :           3.15 – 3.25 PM (10 minutes)
Seventh Period         :           3.25 – 4.05 PM (40 minutes)
Eighth Period           :           4.05 – 4.45 PM (40 minutes)
            Further they are informed that, follow the teacher workload and guidelines as mentioned in annexure as per RTE Norms.
            They are therefore requested to communicate the 8 period pattern of School Time table along with Teachers workload to all the Headmasters of Upper Primary Schools and High Schools in the State and implement the same time table without fail.

Instructions to Headmasters of Upper Primary and Highs Schools
All the headmasters of High schools and Upper Primary schools in the State of Andhra Pradesh follow the guidelines while preparation and implementation of Time table.
·         The Headmasters of Upper Primary and High Schools prepare timetable based on number of teachers available and number of sections in the school.
·         Headmaster should follow Weightage of Periods as mentioned in the academic calendar.
·         Workload should be distributed equally among the teachers.
·         Value education, Art education, Work education, library book reading-is consisting of  total 28 periods in classes VI and VII and 33 periods in classes VIII to X should be equally distributed to all the teachers in order to maintain equal workload except Maths, Social and Physical education teachers.
·         Priority should be given to the teacher’s interest for co-curricular areas allotment. Headmaster may decide co-curricular areas allotment.
·         Biological Science teacher – teach VI class Science and 1 Lab period.
·         Physical Science teacher – teach VII class Science and 1 Lab period.
·         Where ever  Vocational Education is in force and vocational Instructors are available, the Head Master is instructed to allot 5 Vocational Education periods by using  periods allotted to  work Education, Value Education, Library period etc.,
·         If Physical Science teacher having Mathematics in degree and mathematics methodology in B.Ed. may be allotted class VI mathematics.

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  1. Sir
    Allotment of work load to subject teachers is irrational and senseless. How can they allot Art education, Value education, Work education and Library to subject teachers. Why not this Govt. wanted to appoint teachers for these non curricular subjects. Allotment of work load to Physical education is just and only 15 where as science teachers has to teach 35 periods in a week. What this Govt. thinking I don't understand. There are difficult concepts and many activities are there to explain and experiment. Under RTE, do a Physical Science teacher need to teach Art Education, Wok education etc?. Please discuss. It is truly unfair on part of the education department. Time to time different work loads and different job charts. From Physical Science teachers you want his services to teach Mathematics to teach just lower classes (Aren't they eligible to teach higher classes?) but they won't allow for stepping up of pay with Mathematics subject teacher. Support and fight for injustice.