Wednesday, 25 May 2016

DSC Clarifications on Dual Cadre selection

Present: K.Sandhya Rani, I.Po.S.
  Rc. No_ 201 "1 C- 2016                                                        Dated: 23/05/ 2016
Sub: AP TET cum TRT 2014 - Candidates selected in two equal cadre
posts in School Assistant category - Instructions - Issued.
Ref;            1. Pro.Rc.No. 20/TRC1/2016, dated 11.05,2016 of this office,
2. Lr.Rc.No 5419/A1/2014, Dated: 17/05/2016 from the District Educational Officer, Vizianagaram_
The attention of the District Educational Officer, Vizianagaram is invited to the reference 2nd read above and he is here by informed that in event of selection of a candidate to two equal category of posts, option shall be obtained from the candidate for the category of posts for which he intends to Forego his selection.
Example: if a candidate is selected for School Assistant (Social Studies) and School Assistant (English) and if he intends to forego his selection to the post of School Assistant (Social Studies), an undertaking/Option should be obtained from the candidate to this effect.
The District Educational Officer, Vizianagaram is further informed that the details of the category of post to be deleted in respect of the candidate who is selected in two equal category. of posts should be furnished to this office with the prior approval of District Selection Committee - 2014. The Provisional Selection list should be regenerated to accommodate the next meritorious candidate.
All the District Educational Officers are also requested to take similar necessary action in such matters.
Sd/ - V.N.Mastanaiah
For Commissioner of School Education
The District Educational Officer, Vizianagaram
Copy to all the District Educational Officers in the State 
Copy to RJDSE in the State
Copy to PMU of this office.

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