Saturday, 15 October 2016


SA1- External Evaluation-Random Marks Verification-5% of Students Identified List by C& DSE   CCE- It is informed that look into the CSE Website for the list of 5% of students identified by the Commissioner of School Education as details below.  
All the DyEOs and MEOs are informed that valuation of 5% answer scripts of SA-1 is being done at MRCs. Till now the Headmasters of schools are identifying the answer scripts of 5% of students and bringing to the MRCs. From tomorrow onwards, the identification of answer scripts of 5% of students is done by the cse website. 
Therefore, all the DyEOs, MEOs and the Headmasters are informed that look into the cse website for the list of 5% of students identified by the Commissioner of School Education as detailed below.
List of students will be displayed
Note : "The Headmasters should bring the answer scripts of these students and should be evaluated at M.R.Cs by the 5% Evaluation Committee"

Click below link to get Random Marks Verification List LINK -1                                                                  LINK -2
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