In Chittoor District , those are selected in DSC 1996 as Secondary Grade Teachers (SGT S.G.T) are most awaited for their seniority lists for making bills of Step Up and Preponment in RPS 2005, RPS 2010, RPS 2015, RPS 2022(PRC 2005 , PRC-2010, PRC-2015, PRC 2022). Seniority Lists of teachers of DSC 1996 (Provisional Seniority Lists of SGTs from DSC-1996 & List of Candidates of DSC 2008 to attend for counselling for posting as SGTs )  are as follows.

Provisional Seniority Lists of SGTs from DSC-1996

DEO Chittoor :: Provisional seniority lists of SGTs of all media were hosted on website DSC wise on 20.02.2021 duly inviting objections if any on or before 09.03.2021. The pre-final seniority list of SGTs duly rectifying the valid objections is now hosted on website and appeals if any are invited from teachers on or before 20.07.2021. The teachers are further informed to submit the present place of work and other blank items against their names to the MEOs concerned on or before 22.07.2021 for finalization of seniority lists. In turn MEO should fill up the blanks in the Google sheet and submit to this office urgently.

Chittoor District Provisional Seniority Lists of S.G.Ts from DSC 1996 to DSC 2014

Download Chittoor District DSC 1996 SGT Seniority Lists

S No Name of the DSC Download Link
1 DSC 2000 SGT Click Here
2 DSC 2001 SGT Click Here
3 DSC 2002 SGT Click Here
4 DSC 2003 SGT Click Here
5 DSC 2006 SGT Click Here
6 DSC 2012 SGT Click Here
7 DSC 2014 SGT Click Here

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