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AP Rc.No.518 - Development of Yoga and Physical Education in ELE/UP/HS -Instructions Issued

RC.No.518/PS-1/2015                                                  Date:2-12-2015

              Sub:    Education  -  Secondary  Education  -  Action  Plan  for  development  of    Yoga  and   Physical   Education   activates  in   Ele,  UP  &   HS  of  all Managements  in A.P.State - Instructions Requested- Regarding.

 Read:  1.Lr  Rc.No.1/2015   Dated:  04-11-2015.   From  P.Ravindhranath,       
            StateSports Coordinator Vijayawada, A.P.
 2.CSCProceedings  Rc.No.518/PS-1/2015.Dted   :16.10.2015
           The  attention  of all  the  District  Education  Officer and  the  Regional   jointDirectors  in the  State is invited to the reference read   above ,  where  in orders  were issued    nominating  Sri  P.Ravindranath  , School Assistant (Physical  Education),  Z.P High School, Devarapalli,  West  Godavri district  as  State  Sports  Coordinator  and to accommodate  him in the office of the deputy  Education  Officer, Vijayawada, Krishna. Besides,  four  School Assistants  were  also  directed to  assist  Sri  P.Ravindranath   in promoting Yoga & Sports  Education in-Schools.

In view  of the  circumstances reported by the  State  Sports  coordinator Sri P.Ravindranath      in  his  letter   dt:04.11.2015   permission  is  hereby   accorded for organizing  the  District  Level, Divisional Level and  Manda) level workshop with  the DEOs,Dy. Education  Officers, Manda) Education Officer, S.A(PE) and PETs.

Further  the  District  Educational  Officers, concerned are  permitted to depute the  following S.A(PE) to the  office of the  District  Educational  Officers, concerned  to act as Regional Sports  Officers to monitor the  Developmental  Activities of Yoga and Physical education in the District and also to organise the workshops:

1.  G. Srinivas, School Asst.(PE), ZPHS,Jami, Vizianagaram. 
2.  PKS.Sudhakar, School Asst.(PE),ZPHS School, tanuku, West Godavri 
3.   N.T.Prasad, PET, ZPHSSchool, Ullapalem, Singarayakonda  (M),    Prakasam
4.   M.Murali  Krishna,   School  Asst.(PE),   ZPH  School,  Annavaram  Kadapa district                                   

In the four schools, from where  the said School Assistant(PE)  are deputed, the School Assistant (PE) or the PETs of neighbouring  schools has to handle the Physical Educational  alternative days.
Sri P.Ravindranath  & Team are directed to prepare  and submit  the month  and quarter-wise  plan   of  action   in  co-ordination  with   the   District   School  Games Organising  Secretary by  15-12-20215   clearly  quantifying  the  outcomes,  roles  and responsibilities of him and of the team members without fail.

The DEOs/RJDSEs are further  requested to issue  necessary instructions to all the  PETs/PDs  to follow the timings  as, prescribed by Government,  scrupulously for effective implementation the programme.

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