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Saturday, 26 December 2015



The in-service training programme for the school assistants of the secondary schools in the state in English, Hindi, Physical Science, Bio-Science and Social Studies subjects will be conducted in 4 spells (i.e., from 28-12-2015. to 6-2-2016) in non-residential mode. In this connection following guidelines are issued for effective and smooth conduct of training in the district.
                                             Consider the teachers who were not trained during the year 2014-15. As this programme intended for leftover teachers.Commissioner of School Education considered the request of Language pundits for training programme. Hence, Language Pandit grade-II Telugu and Hindi who are handling IX and X classes should be trained in this training programme.Conduct one day planning meeting with Course Directors and issue necessary instructions to run the programme smoothly and effectively. Chalk-out time table and allot topics for DRPs.

                                   Review the conduct of trainings held during Jan/Feb 2015 and take all necessary steps to bridge the gaps noticed for effective conducting of training camps of Jan/Feb2015 by duly posting efficient and interested persons as in charge officers of various items of work related to the trainings.

                                Ensure suitable physical and infrastructural facilities at all the venues for smooth conduct of non-residential mode of training i.e. water, electricity sanitary, class rooms etc., at all the training venues.
                                       Ensure quality food, tea-snacks and drinking water supplies are timely made at all the training venues Designate one Desk Officer (preferably ASO) to collect attendance of the trainees two times in a day and immediately send the consolidated attendance to State Office by mail.

No provision for Inaugural, valedictory activities.

At the training camps daily attendance, stock register for distribution of stationery and modules and acquaintance for the amount distributed shall invariably maintained and a consolidated report mentioning all the teachers' particulars attended the training with ink signed by the DEO is to be sent to the Director RMSA (Through Registered post) duly sending through mail also. The visiting officers from State Headquarters may cross check the details and submit report to the Director on these items.

                                               Visit all the training venues repeatedly during training period to ensure quality in the programme.Utilize the service of retired educational experts of your district as guest faculty,The unit cost for the District level training programme is Rs.1037/- per head and the details are as follows:
                  Guide the Course Directors to strictly adhere to the unit cost indicated.
Subject modules are already sent to the schools during January/February 2015. Hence, instruct the teachers to bring the module and Textbooks to the training camp for the reference sake.
                    Instruct the Course Director to conduct pre-test and post-test and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the teacher in order to take care the initiatives in the training programme.
                    In the last session of ever 5-day training programme, take the written feedback of the participants in the prescribed format. They are to be reviewed immediately and action is to be taken to rectify any adverse remarks/comments to strengthen the activities of the next batch. The feedback collected shall be preserved in the District RMSA office for further use duly sending a comprehensive report to the State Office.
                   Documentation of the entire district level training programme with visual support with participant's data is a must. Any press coverage may also be incorporated in the documentation. 

Submit the hard copy to the state office and mail the same to rmsa id
                  Evaluation on implementation of these skills shall be taken up periodically be the inspecting officers and consolidate report is to be sent at least once in a quarter (a total of three times in the academic year). For this the DEOs have to develop an action plan. This will enable RMSA to send a consolidated report to the GOI for sanctioning more and more projects for the benefit of teachers of Andhra Pradesh and providing quality education.
                          Prepare a plan for monitoring by involving Principal DIETs and Dy.EO. RMSA. Each center should be visited by one officer every day. 

                         Meet the expenditure of monitoring i.e., TA and DA and conduct of review meetings (DRG and Course Director) @ 25/- per teacher to be trained in the district. 


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