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Dr. NTR Vaidya Seva is the flagship scheme of all health initiatives of the State Government with a mission to provide quality healthcare to the poor. The aim of the Government is to achieve "Health for All" In order to facilitate the effective implementation of the scheme, the State Government has set up the Dr. NTR Vaidya Seva Trust.

State # Hospital code Hospital Name District Hospital Type HOPITAL DISPLAY CODE Preauth Count
Telangana 1 EHS11 Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute, Hyderabad HYDERABAD Private IAC-HYD 1443
2 EHS800 Medivision Eye Care Centre Private Limited Company HYDERABAD Private MEHC-HYD 1001
3 EHS272 Pushpagiri Eye Hospital HYDERABAD Private PUSH-HYD 657
4 EHS34 Nims Hospitals HYDERABAD Government NIMS-HYD 356
5 EHS1005 Sowjanya Dental Hospitals HYDERABAD Private SJYD-HYD 217
6 EHS816 Sunshine Heart Institute HYDERABAD Private SSHI-SEC 173
7 EHS127 Prime Hospitals HYDERABAD Private PRIME-HYD 141
8 EHS1001 Fms Dental Hospital HYDERABAD Private FMS-HYD 128
9 EHS99 Kamineni Hospitals Pvt Ltd  RANGA REDDY Private KWDT-LBN 117
10 EHS802 Sri Sri Holistic Hospital A Unit Of Sree Ramchandra Health Services Private Limited RANGA REDDY Private SSH-HYD 115
11 EHS1006 Vidyasuperspecialty Dental Andorthodontic Hospital RANGA REDDY Private VSD-RR 106
12 EHS763 Anand Eye Institute Pvt Ltd RANGA REDDY Private AEI-RRY 95
13 EHS19 Max Cure Hospitals (A Unit Of Sahrudaya Health Care Pvt. Ltd.) HYDERABAD Private MCT-HYD 73
14 EHS1044 Positive Dental Sciences Private Limited RANGA REDDY Private PDH_RR 71
15 EHS768 Indo Us Superspeciality Hospital HYDERABAD Private IUS-HYD 45
16 EHS1046 Omegahospitals HYDERABAD Private OMGBH-HYD 42
17 EHS551 Narayana Hrudayalaya  Hospitals RANGA REDDY Private NHH-JDML 42
18 EHS13 M.N.J.Hospitals HYDERABAD Government MNJ-HYD 40
19 EHS1017 Sri Rohini Dental Care RANGA REDDY Private SRDC-RRY 34
20 EHS1050 Malla Reddy Hospital RANGA REDDY Private MDH_RR 30
21 EHS812 Ramdev Rao Hospital RANGA REDDY Private RRH-HYD 28
22 EHS7 Medwin Hospitals HYDERABAD Private MDWM-HYD 27
23 EHS27 Bibi Cancer And General Hospital RANGA REDDY Private BIBI-HYD 22
24 EHS131 Mamatha Hospital RANGA REDDY Private MTHA-HYD 20
25 EHS431 Vasavi Hospital HYDERABAD Private VSVI-HYD 19
26 EHS550 Kamineni Oncology Private Limited RANGA REDDY Private KOPL-LBN 17
27 EHS785 St Theresa Hospital HYDERABAD Private STH-HYD 17
28 EHS735 Bbr Multi Speciality Hospital RANGA REDDY Private BBR-RR 9
29 EHS734 Saisanjeevini Hospitals RANGA REDDY Private SSV-RR 7
30 EHS446 Govt Ent Hospital  - Koti HYDERABAD Government GEH-HYD 7
31 EHS549 Kamineni Hospital King Koti HYDERABAD Private KMH-KK 7
32 EHS515 Hyderabad Nursing Home HYDERABAD Private HNH-HYD 7
33 EHS37 Innova Childrens Heart Hospital Pvt HYDERABAD Private INNV-HYD 7
34 EHS854 Maxcare Hosptal WARANGAL Private MAXC-HMKD 6
35 EHS739 Mallareddy Hospital RANGA REDDY Private MLR-RR 5
36 EHS120 Woodlands Hospital HYDERABAD Private WLH-HYD 5
37 EHS824 Sri Raksha Hospitals KHAMMAM Private SRK-KHM 4
38 EHS72 Balaji Hospital RANGA REDDY Private BAL-SEC 4
39 EHS129 New Life Hospital HYDERABAD Private NEWL-HYD 4
40 EHS410 Satya Kidney Centre  And Super Speciality Hospital HYDERABAD Private SKC-HYD 4
41 EHS774 Continental Hospitals RANGA REDDY Private CON-RRY 4
42 EHS264 Mythri Hospital (Chanda Nagar) RANGA REDDY Private MYTHRI-HYD 4
43 EHS20 Mahavir Hospital And Research Centre HYDERABAD Private MVR-HYD 4
44 EHS277 Laxmi Narasimha Hospital WARANGAL Private LNH-WRN 4
45 EHS776 Ozone Hospitals RANGA REDDY Private OZN-RRY 4
46 EHS419 Sri Ram Kidney Infertility And Laparoscopic Centre KHAMMAM Private SRKI-KHM 3
47 EHS574 Guardian Multi Specialty Hospital WARANGAL Private GMS-WRN 3
48 EHS273 Mamatha General And Super Speciality Hospital A Unit Of Mamatha Educational Society KHAMMAM Private MGSS-KHM 3
49 EHS204 Dr.Bhoom Reddys Hospital KARIMNAGAR Private BRH-KMR 3
50 EHS747 Tulasi Hospitals (A Unit Of Life Shine Medical Services Pvt Ltd) RANGA REDDY Private TUH-RRY 3
51 EHS573 Vijaya Hospital RANGA REDDY Private VIJH-HYD 3
52 EHS242 Srujan Ortho And Accident Care Hospital KHAMMAM Private SRU-KHM 2
53 EHS775 Lotus Childrens Hospital HYDERABAD Private LCH-HYD 2
54 EHS415 Sowmya Hospital Ramnagar HYDERABAD Private SWMA-HYD 2
55 EHS200 Amrutha  Nursing Home KARIMNAGAR Private ANH-KMR 2
56 EHS719 Sri Anurag Shikhara Hospital RANGA REDDY Private WTS-RR 2
57 EHS226 Warangal Hosiptal Diagnostic And Research Center Pvt Ltd WARANGAL Private WDR-WRN 2
58 EHS806 Sbr Pulse Hospital RANGA REDDY Private SBRP-HYD 2
59 EHS858 Cure Well Hospital WARANGAL Private CUWL-WRN 2
60 EHS343 District Hospital -  Kingkoti HYDERABAD Government AH-KK 2
61 EHS449 Madhava Nursing Home, Secunderabad HYDERABAD Private MNHS-HYD 2
62 EHS403 S.V.S Hospital MAHBUBNAGAR Private SVS-MBN 2
63 EHS723 Sai Vani Super Speciality Hospitals Ltd A Unit Of Vishwa Health Institute Pvt Ltd HYDERABAD Private SVIH-HYD 2
64 EHS507 Sri Sai Kidney Center HYDERABAD Private SSKC-HYD 2
65 EHS385 L.K.Hospitals (P) Ltd RANGA REDDY Private LK-HYD 2
66 EHS283 Sri Sharanya Nursing Home And Critical Care  WARANGAL Private SSH-WRN 2
67 EHS582 Sreshta Orange Hospitals RANGA REDDY Private SOH-LBN 2
68 EHS841 Spark Hospitals RANGA REDDY Private SPK-RR 1
69 EHS392 Nikhil Hospital HYDERABAD Private NKL-HYD 1
70 EHS797 Gsbv Memorial Amrutha Laxmi Multispeciality Hospital NIZAMABAD Private GSBV-NZM 1
71 EHS764 Titan Hospitals (A Unit Of Bristlecone Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.) RANGA REDDY Private TTN-RRY 1
72 EHS135 Goodwill Kidney And Surgical Centre HYDERABAD Private GDW-HYD 1
73 EHS586 Induss Hospitals RANGA REDDY Private INDH-HYD 1
74 EHS17 Osmania General Hospital  HYDERABAD Government OSM-HYD 1
75 EHS396 Pragathi Hospital NIZAMABAD Private PGHI-NZM 1
76 EHS748 Ankura Children S Hospital RANGA REDDY Private ANK-HYD 1
77 EHS397 Princess Esra Hospital (Dcms) HYDERABAD Private PDCG-HYD 1
78 EHS332 Axon Hospitals, Neuro Trauma  And Stoke Institute HYDERABAD Private AXON-HYD 1
79 EHS818 Jeevan Hospital RANGA REDDY Private JVN-RR 1
80 EHS137 Sigma Hospitals (Dilsuknagar) RANGA REDDY Private SIGMA-HYD 1
81 EHS202 Chalmeda Anand Rao Institute Of Medical Sciences KARIMNAGAR Private CHM-KMR 1
82 EHS182 Rohini Medicare Pvt. Ltd. WARANGAL Private RHM-WRN 1
83 EHS288 Apollo Reach Hospital KARIMNAGAR Private APOL-KMR 1
84 EHS457 Area Hospital - Jagityal KARIMNAGAR Government AH-JGL 1
85 EHS451 Ram Hospital, Shapurnagar RANGA REDDY Private RAM-HYD 1
86 EHS1070 A P Superspeciality Dental Hospital HYDERABAD Private APSDH-HYD 1
87 EHS777 New Life Line Multi Speciality Hospital RANGA REDDY Private NLL-RRY 1
88 EHS38 Kims, Nalgonda NALGONDA Private KIMS-NLG 1
89 EHS779 Oxygen Hospitals RANGA REDDY Private OXY-RR 1
90 EHS10 Gandhi Hospitals HYDERABAD Government GGH-HYD 1
91 EHS709 Olive Hospital HYDERABAD Private OLIVE-HYD 1
Telangana Total 5246



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