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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Korukonda sainik school results for 6th class admissions

#Sainik Schools Entrance Test Results 2016, #Korukonda,Kalikiri Sainik School Entrance Exam 2016 Results/Written Exam 2016 Results : Korukonda Sainik School Officials issued Korukonda Sainik School Entrance Examination Notification 2016-2017 in the month of October, 2015 for admission into 6th Class and 9th Class in Sainik School, Korukonda, Vizianagaram District and admission into 6th Class in Sainik School, Kalikiri, Chittor District. Both Sainik Schools invited applications in the month of December as per its schedule form the eligible students for admission into 6th class and 9th class for the academic year 2016-2017.

Korukonda Sainik School Officials successfully conducted Entrance Examination on January 3rd, 2016 .So, the candidates who were appeared for the entrance exam, they are waiting for their results. Now, Korukonda Sainik Principal Sri P. Ravi Kumar will announce the results of School Entrance Examination 2015 in the of March 2016 after completion of valuation of answer scripts.

Candidates who qualified would have to appear for interview and medical examination on the dates intimated through call letters sent individually by post, according to Principal of Sainik School Korukonda Group Captain P. Ravi Kumar said.

The interview/ medical examination are likely to be conducted in the month of May. Candidates who have not received the call letters may contact the school on the phone number 08922 246119. The examination has been conducted for filling 90 vacancies in Class VI and 25 vacancies in Class IX. The results are also available on the school’s website

Sainik School, #Korukonda Entrance Exam 2015 Final Results 

1. The following pdf file is the list of Roll Numbers of candidates who qualified in Written Examination held on 03 January 2016 for admission to Class VI and Class IX in Sainik School, Korukonda.
2. They will be required to appear for Interview and Medical Examination at a later date intimated through call up letters by post. Interview / Medical Examinations are likely to be held from 12-02-2016 as per schedule
4. Candidates not in receipt of call letters for interview in February 2016 should contact School on Telephone No. 08922-246119. 
5. The school will not be held responsible for any postal delay / printing errors in the Newspapers. The results held with the school will be final and binding in case of any Discrepancy / Errors in printing.
6. The Roll Numbers are serially arranged and not as per merit. #Download the written results of Entrance Examination held on 3/01/2016.

విజయనగరం కోరుకొండ సైనిక్ స్కూల్లో ఆరు, తొమ్మిదో తరగతుల్లో ప్రవేశాలకు నిర్వహించిన పరీక్షా ఫలితాలను శుక్రవారం(ఫిబ్రవరి 5) విడుదల చేశారు. ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్, తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రాల్లో గత జనవరి 3న ప్రవేశ పరీక్ష నిర్వహించారు. ఆరో తరగతిలో 255, తొమ్మిదో తరగతిలో 51 మంది పరీక్షలో ఉత్తీర్ణత సాధించారు. ఎంపికైన వారికి ఫిబ్రవరి 12 నుంచి మౌఖిక పరీక్ష, వైద్య పరీక్షలు నిర్వహించి సీట్లు కేటాయిస్తారు. ఆరో తరగతిలో 90 సీట్లు, తొమ్మిదో తరగతిలో 20 సీట్లను భర్తీ చేస్తామన్నారు. మరిన్ని వివరాలకు 08922-246119 ఫోన్ నెంబర్‌ను సంప్రదించాలి. ఫలితాలను క్రింద ఇవ్వబడిన లింక్ నుండి డౌన్లోడ్ చేసుకోగలరు.

The following is the combined list of selected candidates category wise in the order of merit (row wise) for admission into Classes VI and IX for the year 2016-2017 into Sainik School, Korukonda. Merit List is prepared without taking into consideration "Medical Fitness" of the candidates. Unfit candidates are being informed individually. They may appeal against the medical unfitness as per rules. The admission is subject to medical fitness and submission of all certificates by the candidates. Candidates not in receipt of call up letters for admissions should contact school on Telephone No. 08922-246119. The school will not be held responsible for any postal delay / printing errors in the newspapers. The results held with the School will be final and binding in case of any discrepancies / errors in printing.
Official dates will be provided soon...
The admissions will be conducted may be in May 2016
#Korukonda Sainik School Entrance Test 2016 Results

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