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Friday, 4 March 2016

Training Manual Cum Instructions to : Chief Superintendent Departmental Officer Additional Departmental Officer Invigilators

                   S.S.C. Public Examinations March, 2016 

Training Manual Cum Instructions to : Chief Superintendent Departmental Officer Additional Departmental Officer Invigilators


The instructions / Duties of the Chief Superintendents and the Departmental Officers are given in two parts namely Part–I, Part–II.
Part-I deals with General Instructions applicable to all Examinations.
The Chief Superintendents and the Departmental Officers are informed that Bar
Coding is continued to All subjects for SSC, OSSC and Vocational Public
Examinations, March 2013.
The method of conducting of First language paper-I to Social studies paper-II, OSSC and Vocational Papers, detailed instructions are given in the part-II of these instructions. Any deviation / mistake/ lapse on the part of the Chief Superintendent, the Departmental Officer and Invigilators will lead to severe consequences such as withholding the results of the candidates in large numbers, non identification of the answer scripts of the
candidate in marks wanting cases and Recounting cases besides initiating severe
disciplinary action against the Chief Superintendents, the Departmental Officers and the invigilators concerned.
Read all the Instructions carefully and in case of any doubt, please discuss with the District Educational Officer, the Deputy Educational Officer and the Assistant
Commissioner. Any lapse on his/her part will cause damage to the candidates.
As the Departmental Officer and the Chief Superintendent shall jointly oversee and take all possible steps to conduct SSC Examinations smoothly, curbing all kinds of unfair means the duties and instructions given to the Chief Superintendents hold good for the Departmental officer also. Hence both shall discharge all the functions jointly. They are equally responsible in all aspects in conducting examinations.
It may be noted here that the Departmental Officer of a center is the representative of
the Government and he has the total responsibility to see that the examinations are
conducted in an orderly manner. As the Departmental Officer and the Chief Superintendent
shall jointly over see and take all possible steps to conduct SSC Examination smoothly, curbing
all kinds of unfair means, the duties and instructions given to the Chief Superintendent holds
good for the Departmental officer also. Hence both shall discharge all the functions jointly. In
the first instance he shall carefully go through all the instructions given to Chief Superintendent
of the Center in order to have total picture on the various steps involved in coding system.He/she shall personally verify the Main Answer Books and Additional Answer Books
meant for coding and check the Serial Numbers noted on them and bring the
discrepancies if any to the notice of the Chief Superintendent and record in the paper
account maintained for it.

The main Answer Book, Additional Answer Book, Bar Coded OMR sheets and other
items related to it shall be preserved under the joint custody of the Departmental Officer
& the Chief Superintendent of the Center.

He/she shall attend the meetings of the invigilators convened by the Chief Superintendent
and participate in explaining all Do’s and Don’ts to them in discharging their duties

To see that all candidates are informed to come to their respective center by 8.50 A.M
itself and seated in their seats by 9:00 AM sharp in order to complete certain preliminary
work related to coding to be ready for conducting the exam at the stroke of 9:30 AM.

To arrange for a circular among students to come by sharp 8:50 AM to the center and to
be in seats by 9:00 AM for the examinations.

He/she, along with Chief Superintendent of the center, shall visit all the Examination
Halls of the center to ascertain whether OMR sheets are stapled by the invigilators in
respect of all candidates and stapled pins sealed properly with paper seal stickers by the
candidates at appropriate places.

To see that the unused bar coded OMR sheets are cancelled with red ink by the
Invigilator in the first instance followed by signing by the Chief Superintendent and the
Departmental Officer.

Supervise packing and dispatch of answer scripts to the concerned spot valuation centers
as per the distribution chart communicated. He/she should accompany the Chief
Superintendent to the post office where the answer script bundle is booked.

To verify the address noted carefully on the sealed answer bundles pertaining to all media
for their correct dispatch.

Shall verify along with Chief Superintendent all the records produced by the
invigilators properly as they are very very essential in deciding the discrepancies at
later stages.

To verify the following records carefully and put his signature along with Chief
Superintendent of the center.
a) Bundle Slip
b) D-Form after verifying Absentees, Malpractices and additional Roll Numbers if any.

To see that answer scripts of all Malpractice cases are dispatched to the name address the Director of Government Examinations, A.P., Hyderabad on the same day duly enclosing all evidences, reports.To see that all post examination material shown below is dispatched to the Director of Government Examinations, A.P., Hyderabad as per the instructions given to reach as per scheduled date.
a) Consolidated Absentee statement
b) Corrected copy of Nominal Rolls
c) Stationery Account.
d) Room wise, Roll Number wise, Date wise, Paper code wise Main Answer Books
and Additional Answer book Issue Statement.
e) Statement of Blank OMR sheets used (PROFORMA V).
f) Speed post accounts
g) Report of the Chief Superintendent of the Centre.
h) Attendance sheets of the Centre.
i) D-Forms
j) Any other important documents.
The Invigilators for the Examination centers will be appointed by the respective District
Educational Officers and in exigency by the Deputy Educational Officers in consultation
with the District Educational Officer. The Chief Superintendent should not appoint /
change without informing the DEO. In all such cases they should be got approved by the
DEO concerned in writing.
Invigilators should report to the Chief Superintendent (C.S) of the concerned
Examination centre one day before the commencement of examination as per the
instructions of the DEO and obtain the Photo Identification Cards duly signed by the
Chief Superintendent or the Departmental Officer (D.O). He should attend the meeting
convened by the C.S. without fail and receive necessary instructions for orderly conduct
of Examinations.
On receipt of the Question papers from the Chief Superintendent, he/she should check up whether the name of the subject, Paper code, medium etc., pertains to that day‟s
examination as per the time table and whether the number of question papers are
sufficient for the number of students taking examinations in the hall allotted to him/ her.
WARNING: If the question papers of the next day or wrong paper code or wrong
subject or wrong medium or wrong combination is received by the Invigilator,
He/she should return them immediately to the Chief Superintendent/ Departmental
Officer and ensure that correct question papers are given to him/her immediately.
Under no circumstances he/she shall leave the Chief Superintendent’s room with
wrong question papers, and under no circumstances he/she distribute wrong
question papers to the candidates. If necessary they shall seek clarification from the
Chief Superintendent in case of any doubts. The invigilator is totally held
responsible for any of the above lapses if he/she does not follow the instructions.

The Invigilator should ensure that no candidate is disturbed from the original seating
arrangement allotted to his/her room in the Jumbling system and arranged by the Chief
Superintendent of the centre. Because, the schools do not have equal strength and
similarly the capacities of centers constituted are not uniform and jumbling is done by
computer programming it is likely, but rarely, 4 to 5 students of the same school might be allotted continuously. In all such cases he should report to the Chief Superintendent and get the seating arrangement modified internally in the same room so that they will not be seated in continuous manner and if it is not possible to adjust in the same room, they may be adjusted in the next room so that the same school children are not seated continuously. As far as possible the children should be made comfortable mentally without disturbance and without problem to the students.
The computerized attendance sheets with scanned photos of the candidates are supplied to the Chief Superintendents of the centres. The Invigilator of the concerned room shall obtain the signatures of all candidates assigned to his/her room on every day of the examination at relevant columns and the Invigilators concerned also have to put
their signatures on the attendance sheets provided at the relevant columns at the
bottom of the sheets on each day of the examination. The attendance sheets would be
circulated daily by the Chief Superintendent of the centre to all examination rooms for
this purpose. He should not allow any candidate/ candidates who are not allotted to
his room or who do not belong to his centre. Severe action will be taken as per the
Act 25 of 97 for indulging in such activities.
a) The computerized hall tickets with scanned photo and signature of the candidate, Roll Number, Name, Father‟s name, Date of Birth, Subjects offered, Medium and Marks of identification of the candidate and the dates of examinations of the subjects offered by the candidate are being supplied to the candidates of all categories. There is no need to get the signatures of the candidates on the Hall Tickets as was done in the previous years,since the candidates signatures have to be obtained on the attendance sheets itself at relevant column.
b) The Invigilators have to verify the identity of the candidate with reference to the photo on hall tickets and attendance sheets and report to the Chief Superintendent of the center if any impersonation or discrepancy is found.
c) The candidates shall be allowed to the examination Hall up to 10a.m. only. No
candidate should be allowed after 10.00 a.m. 


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