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Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Rationalization committee meeting  with  unions over today in vijayawada.
It Resolves:

1.C& DSE decided to Run English medium  section separately  as a school, if English medium students are more than 500 in a success high school

2. If 6th& 7th class students are below 35 the school will be closed as non viable

3.If VI to VIII class students are below 55 it will also be closed as non viable

4.If 6th to 10th class students are below 75 the school also be closed as non viable

5.All other norms  are as in  Rationalization draft GO.

GO on Rationalization Govt/ zp  schools shortly

Rationalization committee resolutions:

# All primary schools which have more than 80 children Schools will be declared as Model schools

#Schools less than 19 will be merged into nearer schools. If there is no school near one km it will be continued with one teachers. Unions demanded that as per RTE act 2teachers for  0 to 60 strength

#Up schools(8thclass) having less than 60  in 6,7,8 classes wil be downgraded to Primary scls and scls having more than 60 will be upgraded to high schools.

# Lik wise scls having < 40 in 6,7 class will b downgraded.>40will be upgraded.

#Highs schools having less than 75 will be merged in to nearest scls.

#Aptf demanded section wise strength should be taken for rationalisation.DSE accepted our argument and said that along with section wise staff pattern.TPR also be considered.

#Regarding Eng med sections separate staff pattern will be provided

# In success scls if eng med strength is < 50  it will b closed

#If boys and girls high scls in one village will become co-edn scls and one will be tel med another eng med

#success scls having more than 500 children in english medium will be divided in to two scls one is tel medium and other English medium

# Rationalization and transfers will be completed before june 12th.