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Saturday, 9 April 2016

PROMOTION LIST SOFTWARE FOR THE VI TO IX CLASSES 2015 2016 Promotion List తయారుచేయడంలో సూచనలు

                                                        PRINCIPLES OF PROMOTION  LIST
1. No student below 14 years of age  is detained as per RTE ACT - 2009   in all classes.
2a) No. of working days pf school in 2015-16 are _____________________.
2 b)Working days are counted from the date of joining  if the student joined ater August 2015 & if the student crossed 14 years  of age.
3 a) 5% marks out of 400 from 4 Formatives Assessments(50x4=200)   and  2  Summative Assessments  (2 x 100 =200)   is taken as Class Mark (C.M.)
3 b) Maximum mark of External  Examinations i.e. Summative Assessment Test 3 is   80. It is taken as Annual Mark (A.M.)
4 .In case of Science subject for 8th and 9th classes, the average mark of Phy. Sci. and Bio.Sci. is taken as marks secured in Gen.Sci. Subject in  both C.M. and    A.M.
5. Pass percentage is 35% for all  subjects. The students who get < 35% marks and  get  > = 75%  of attendance  are FAILED BUT PROMOTED
6. Those students who got >= MINIMUM PASS MARK  in all subjects and got >=75% of attendance are PASSED  in IX  class.
7. Those students who failed in  subjects and got >= 75% attendance are  FAILED BUT PROMOTED in IX class
8a) Those students below 14 years of age who got <75% attendance are PROMOTED AS PER  RTE ACT - 2009.
8b)  Those students above 14 years of age  who got >=65% and <75% attendance are PROMOTED on M.C.   on production of Medical Certificate .
8c) Those students  above 14 years of age  who got <65% attendance are  DETAINED  in IX class.
8d) In 9th Class, those students who got Pass mark in  subjects by way of MODERATION  and got >= 75% attendance are PROMOTED.
9.For MODERATION : 10% of marks more than 210 (Total) are taken  into consideration.
10.Cumulative Grade Point  Average (CGPA) will be  calculated  by  taking   the arithmetic average of grade points.

Grade Marks Gr Pt
A1 91 to 100 10
A2 81  to  90 9
B1 71  to 80 8
B2 61  to  70 7
C1 51 to  60 6
C2 41  to 50 5
D1 35  to 40 4
D2 0 to 34 3



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