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Claim for Pension Fixation in RPS 2015 - PRC 2015 Pension Fixation Software and Pension Calculator: As per G.O.MS.No. 33; Dated: 07-04-2015, Government of Telangana, Finance Department has Sanctioned of Consolidated of Pension/Family Pension to Pensioners retired in the pre-revised scales of Pay, 2015 and it is  an Enhancement of Financial Assistance to the pensioners. So, the government has enhanced the Minimum Pension at Rs.6500/- per month to Pensioners and  Family pensioners.

G.O.MS.No. 33 orders are applicable to:
(1)  All Government Pensioners governed by A.P. Revised Pension Rules, 1980.
(i)   Who retired or died prior to 01.07.2013.  (ii)  Those who retired  or died between 01.07.2013 and 01.06.2014 with out the benefit  of Revised Pay Scales,2015.
(iii) Those who retired prior to 01.01.1996 drawing UGC pay scales and whose pension was ordered to be consolidated in the light of orders issued in G.O (P) No.95 Finance (Pen.I) Department dated 01.08.2000.
(iv)    Provisional Pensioners and Anticipatory Pensioners.

(2)(a) All Government Pensioners in receipt of Service Pensions,Family Pensions under Revised Pension Rules, 1951,the survivors of class IV employees of  Nizam-E-Jamiath of Ex Hyderabad Government, Andhra Pradesh Liberalized Pension Rules 1961 and Andhra Pradesh Government Servants (Family Pension) Rules, 1964.

(b) Teaching and non-teaching pensioners of Municipalities,  Panchayat  Raj Institutions and Aided Educational Institutions who are in receipt of pensions under the Andhra Pradesh Liberalised Pension Rules,1961  and Andhra Pradesh Government Servants (Family Pension) Rules, 1964 and A.P. Revised Pension Rules, 1980.

(c) Teaching and non-teaching staff in Aided Educational Institutions in receipt of pensions under the Contributory Provident Fund-cum-Pension and Gratuity Rules, 1961 and Andhra Pradesh Liberalised Pension Rules, 1961.

(d) Those drawing family pensions under G.O.Ms.No.22, Finance and Planning(FW.Pen-I) Department,dated. 16.01.1971, G.O.Ms.No.104, Finance and Planning [FW.Pen-I)Department,dated. 13.04.1973 and G.O.Ms.No.25, Finance and Planning(FW.Pen-I) Department, dated 02.02.1974.

(e) Pensioners  who  are  in  receipt  of  Compassionate Pension under the rules for Compassionate Pensions and Gratuities in the Hyderabad Civil Services Rules; and
(f)   Those in receipt of Pensions under the Extra ordinary Pension Rules

(3)  Jagir and Estate Pensioners

PRC 2015 Pension Fixation Software and Pension Calculator
while selecting promotion fixation,
1) If your basic pay is 2 incremnts behind the minimum pay of the promotion post, select option to promotion date,
In this case you need to selct your next A.G.I. after one year.
2) If your basic pay is 1 incrment behind or equal to the  minimum pay of the promotion post, select option to increment date.
In this case to get the benefit of promotion increment, select increment & FR22B date(to get 2 increments), No need to select A.G.I. on this date again.
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A. PRC 2015 Pension Fixation Software Final Version- Prepared by ch. Keshavareddy- Download  
B. Pension Fixation Calculator - Prepared by ch. Keshavareddy - Download



2. Gross pension = (NEW BASIC OF PENSION*1.08908)+ 350(medical allowance)
3. For example, if one pensioner getting pension with basic of pension 6500, then his new basic will be 6500*2.06344=13412
4. There is no stages for pensioners.
5. Gross pension = (13412*1.08908)+350(medical allowance)=  14957
6.  Net Pension = Gross Pension - Commutation = 14957 - 2600 = 12357 (If he retired with 2015 PRC.)

D.R. Matter for Pensioners:
1.Present D.R for pension is 8.908%
2.In this PRC this Commission recommends that Dearness Allowance be regulated at 0.524% for the State Government Employees/pensioners  for every 1% of Dearness Allowance sanctioned to the employees of Government of India With effect from 1.1.2014.
3.D.R Rate is Decreased from 0.856% to 0.524%
D.R Will be calculated as follows
1. D.R Rate for state Govt Pensioners = (Central announced D.R*0.524)
2. From  01.01.2014 to 30.06.2014 D.R = 10*0.524%=5.24%
3. From 01.07.2014 to 31.12.2014 D.R=( 10+7)*0.524%=8.908%
4. From 01.01.2015 to 30.06.2015 D.R  Will be announced later.

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