Minorities Welfare Department Overseas Education Scheme for Minority Students for pursuing Higher Studies abroad from the year 2016-17

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                                  GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH ABSTRACT

Minorities Welfare Department – Overseas Education Scheme for Minority Students for pursuing Higher Studies abroad from the year 2016-17 – Orders – Issued. 



G.O.Ms.No.33                                                                                        Dated:29.09.2016 

Read the following:
1. Review Meeting by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh on 06.04.2016.      
2. From the Commissioner, Minorities Welfare, Hyderabad, Lr.No.878/CMW/OESM/2016,dated.12.04.2016.

The  Government  of  Andhra  Pradesh  is  committed  for  the  holistic development  and  welfare  of  the  Minorities  in  the  State  and  accordingly  the Government have made substantial budgetary allocations for providing scholarships to the students belonging to the Minorities on a saturation basis and this initiative has over the years encouraged a large number of Minority students to complete Professional and Post-Graduate Courses.
2.In the last decade, as the global economy has significantly grown and became networked, opportunities for gainful employment have manifested manifold both in India and abroad for youth who have had the benefit of higher and specialized education  in  renowned  national  and  international  educational  institutions.

The Post-Matric Scholarship scheme of the Government of Andhra Pradesh and the Government of India has facilitated the Minority students being able to study in the reputed national institutions of higher learning.However, bright and deserving Minority students are often handicapped in gaining access to reputed international educational institutions only on account of their economical backwardness. 
3.Taking due cognizance of the  above extant situation and for bridging this gap and providing equal access to the Minority students, the Government of Andhra Pradesh  has  decided  to  introduce  a  new  scheme  of  “OVERSEAS  EDUCATION SCHEME  FOR  MINORITIES”  for  the  benefit  of  the  students  belonging  to  the Minorities.

4.  The financial assistance under this scheme will be sanctioned to (500) Minority Students/Graduates per year to pursue two (2) years Post Graduate/ Doctoral studies abroad subject to the following guidelines:


Minority Students whose family income is less than Rs.6.00 lakhs per annum from all sources are eligible. 

The total income from all sources of the employed candidates or his/her parents/ guardians, shall not exceed Rs.6.00 lakhs per annum

In case of employees, the salary certificate duly issued by the Drawing & Disbursing Officer of their concerned Department along with latest tax assessment from the employer is a must. 

In all cases the  income  certificate  obtained  through  MEE  SEVA  should  be compulsorily enclosed with the application.

b) Age: 

The maximum age under the scheme shall not exceed 35 years as on 1st July of the year of advertisement.

c) Eligibility:
i. For Post Graduate Courses : 

Foundation Degree in Engineering/ Management/ Pure Sciences/ Agriculture Sciences/ Medicine and Nursing/ Social Sciences/ Humanities. 

ii. For Ph.D. Courses: 

P.G. course in Engineering/ Management/ Pure Sciences/ Agriculture Sciences/ Medicine/ Social Sciences/ Humanities. 


(1)  No  minimum  percentage  of  marks  in  qualifying  examinations  and however, “rolling cut off ” in respect of minimum percentage of marks in qualified course/examination for selection of students is to be implemented. 
(2)  Minority  students  are  to  be  selected,  as  per  the  order  of  merit (percentage of marks in qualifying examination), till the target of (500) students i.e., (250) seats in Fall Season and the remaining (250) seats in Spring Season, per year, is achieved.
(3) The students, who are residing in the State of Andhra Pradesh, though the students studied in Telangana (i.e., Local to Telangana by virtue of     371-D), are also eligible under the scheme, since the amendments and guidelines  issued  in  G.O.Ms.No.132,  133,  GA  (SPF&MC)  Department,dt.13.06.2016 are not meant for seeking scholarships for the higher studies at  abroad,  in  terms  of  clarification  issued  in  Govt.Memo.No.137362/ SW.Edn.2/2016-2,  Social Welfare (Edn.2) Department,  dt.05-08-2016.
Eligible P.G. courses includes P.G. diploma courses of One Year, and One and Half year duration.  Example: Student Partnership Programme (SPP) in Canada is for 1 year duration while MS in Kinesiology in USA is of  1 ½ year duration leading to Masters Degree issued by the Universities. The scheme also includes study of MBBS course & CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and CPM (Certified Portfolio Manager) courses in the US. 
iii. Countries  eligible  under  the  Scheme: 

USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Germany, Newzealand, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Denmark,  Russia,  Philippines,  Kazakhstan  and  China  (Philippines, Kazakhstan and China only for medicine).

d)   One Child per family & One time Award: 

Not more than one child of the same parents/ guardians will be eligible and to this effect a self-certification will be required from the Parent/ Guardian and the candidate on Rs.10/- Non-Judicial Stamp Paper. 

      An awardee shall be considered only once for sanction under the scheme & second or subsequent award will not be considered.

e)   Mandatory Requirements for sanction:  
i.   He/ She should have a valid TOFEL/ IELTS & GRE/GMAT; 
ii. He/ She should have obtained admission in an accredited  Foreign    University; 
iii. He/ She should possess a valid passport; 
iv. The candidates are required to make their own efforts in seeking admission in accredited University/Institution abroad;
v. The selected candidate has to join the concerned  university within one year of communication of selection.   On expiry of this specified period of time, the award will be automatically cancelled and come to an end. No request for extension of time for availing the award is permissible under the scheme;
vi. The  candidate  can  change  the  course  of  study  or  research  only  in deserving cases on valid grounds. Permission will be accorded on a case by  case  basis  subject  to  approval  by  the  State  Level  Screening committee constituted under the Scheme.
vii. The candidate shall be responsible to obtain the appropriate visa for the country wherein one intends to study. The visa issuing authorities are requested  to  grant  only  such  type  of  visa  which  only  permits  the candidate to pursue the specified course abroad and thereafter return to India.
viii. The  applications  should  be  complete  in  all  respects  and  should  be accompanied by all relevant documents. The applications, incomplete in any respect, are liable to be rejected.

5. Procedure for Selection:

i. Notification  shall  be  published  in  leading  dailies  calling  for applications & wide publicity will be given in University Campuses and the concerned website;

ii.All students desirous of applying for financial assistance for studies abroad shall apply online as per the schedule notified.

iii. (33) % of the awards shall be earmarked for Women candidates      (if adequate number of eligible women candidates are not available then male candidates may be selected)

6. Screening Committee:  

The Selection shall be conducted by a State Level Screening committee constituted with the following members. The Bio-data of the candidates who applied online shall be made available to the committee:  

7.   The student shall submit the following documents:

i. Caste  Certificate  from  Mee  Seva  (not  required  for  OC  Minority Students)
ii.  Income Certificate from Mee Seva;
iii.Date of Birth Certificate (SSC Certificate/ Marks Memo)
iv. Aadhaar Card;
v. E-pass  ID  Number  (For  students  already  availing  Post  Matric Scholarships)
vi.Residential/ Nativity Certificate; 

vii.Passport copy duly attested by the Gazetted Officer

viii.Mark sheet from SSC/ Inter/ Graduate/ PG Level

ix.GRE/ GMAT or equivalent qualifying exam/ test score card;

x.TOFEL/ IELTS score card;

xi.Admission  offer  letter  from  Foreign  University  (I-20,  letter  of Admission or equivalent);

xii. Copy  of  the  latest  Tax  Assessment  and  salary  certificate  from employer is to be enclosed;

xiii.Copy of the Bank Pass Book of Nationalized Bank to be scanned and uploaded. 

xiv.Photo to be scanned and uploaded;

xv. Self Declaration on Rs.10/- Non-Judicial Stamp Paper to be scanned and uploaded;

8. Scholarship amount:

a) Sanction proceedings mentioning that Rs.10.00 lakhs is sanctioned to the individual towards fees and living expenses by way of a grant subject to his/ her joining the course, shall be issued to the candidates selected by the Screening Committee. The sanction proceedings can be made use of by the candidates for obtaining a visa from the respective Embassy.

b)Fees: Fees shall be payable in two installments as follows:

Installment-I: An amount of Rs.5.00 lakhs shall be payable to the student on production of the landing permit/ I-94 Card (Immigration Card);

Installment-II: an amount of Rs.5.00 lakhs shall be payable to the Student on production of the 1st Semester results.

c)Education Loan: The student shall be eligible for an Educational loan of Rs.5.00 lakhs from any Nationalized Bank at prevailing rates of interest. The APSMFC  shall  Co-Ordinate  with  the  Nationalized  Banks  in  securing  the Education Loans to the selected Candidates.

d) Earning  from  Research/  Teaching  Assistance-ship:  The  awardees  are permitted  to  supplement  their  prescribed  allowances  by  undertaking Research/ Teaching Assistantship;

e) Passage Grant: One way by economy class (lowest fare) ticket through the shortest route shall be payable upon production of valid visa and admission particulars.

f) Visa Fees: The total visa fees shall be reimbursed to the student upon production of valid visa and production of receipts.

9. Utilization  Certificate:    Utilization Certificate shall be obtained from the student  with  due  endorsement  of  concerned  University  Authorities  for  record purpose under the scheme.

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