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Telangana State Teachers Online Transfers 2018 - Step By Step Process to Exercise Web Options

Telangana Teachers Transfers 2018 Online Mode will be conducted by TS Govt in this Summer 2018-2019 Online Transfers application in PDF Format and Step By Step Process available in Screen Shots for How To Apply For Transfers through web based options of individual Opted Places in T.S State.Transfers 2018 Schedule Day wise Time Table Important Dates Minimum 2Years Maximum 8 Years Eligibility Criteria , Spouse Points Category 1,2,3,4 Schools Lists of ZP,MP in 31 District.Clear and Arising Vacancies will be Displayed In T.S Transfers Online 2018 Notification GO.Online Transfers for Telangana T.G Teachers-Important Information Understanding Of the process DOs and DONTs.And Many More Details will be covered in this article.
Telangana State Teachers Online Transfers 2018 - Step By Step Process to Exercise Web Options Guidelines

Telangana State Teachers Online Transfers 2018 - Step By Step Process to Exercise Web Options Guidelines

Telangana Teacher Online Transfers 2018:
The Deputy minister Kadiyam Srihari told will be conducted a meeting again with the Unions in May how to conduct teacher transfers 2018. 
Step by Step process to be followed for filling Online Transfers 2018 Application Form
  1. Go to visit 
  2. Click on the Application for Teacher Transfers 
  3. Fill in the application form as per the instructions given in the User Guide and Government Orders and also keeping in mind the clarifications issued from time to time. 
  4. Confirm the next dialogue box (i.e., Fields marked with ‘*’ are compulsory). It is advised to submit mobile phone numbers that are in working condition and keep it in use till completion of the whole transfer process, as all communications will be sent through sms from time to time 
  5. Enter your 7-digit Treasury Id, Date of Birth,and enter the verification code 
  6. The application will be opened. 

HMs/Teachers will need to select the following fields and fill the same:

  • i) Marital Status 
  • ii) Category of the post 
  • iii) Subject 
  • iv) Medium 
  • v) Management in which appointed.(i.e., Local Bodies/ Government). 
  • vi) Exercise option, if HM/Teacher desires to transfer from current management to initial appointed management. 
  • vii) Select the calendar Date since when he/she is working in the present school. The system will calculate the period as per the norms given in the Government Orders. 
  • viii) Select the Category of the present school (I/II/III/IV). In case of change, a provision is given for changing the category of the school in last 8 years. 
  • ix) Select calendar date informing date of first appointment and Category of the post. 
  • x) Select the classes and subjects (if teaching multi subjects/classes upload all the details) during the last academic year 2016-17, to calculate the CCE Internal Marks. 
  • xi) Select the level of participation i.e. National / State Level if  he/she wants to avail points under National/State Teacher awards, Participation in Sports, Inspire or Science Exhibitions. 
  • xii) Select from the drop down menu under respective category, if he/she desires to claim preferential category 
9. If HM/Teacher wants to avail Spouse points then give details like Treasury Id, Name, Designation, Working office, District, Mandal, of the spouse.
10.If the HM/Teacher is working as NCC / Bharat Scouts and Guides officer
  1. a. Select appropriately and indicate from which date he/she is working as NCC/ Bharat Scouts and Guides Officer in the present school 
  2. b. If he/she is working as NCC officer, then select working wing i.e. Navy/Airforce/Army from drop down menu. 

Certificates to be uploaded for TS Online Transfers 2018

a. HM/Teacher claiming the points mentioned below, need to upload the certificates as indicated in Government orders.
b. Spouse Certificate
c. Teacher Award
d. Union officer bearer
e. If NCC officer, the certificate issued by the Commandant Officer, if  Bharat Scouts and Guide, the certificate issued by the DEO concerned
f. Sports participation certificate counter signed by Chairperson, SMC committee.
g. Inspire / Science Fair participation certificate counter signed by Chairperson, SMC committee
h. Respective certificate, that comes under preferential category 
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