Saturday 15 August 2015



1.District : (Select the District from the Given List)
2.Zonal Code :(When You select District Zonal Code automatically Displayed)
3.Mandal :(Select your Mandal from the Given List)
4.Name of the Individual seeking Transfer : (Enter Your Name)
5.Mobile Number : (Enter Your Mobile Number. Important to receive your Web Counselling SMS Alerts)
6.Aadhaar Number : (Enter Your Aadhar No)
7.Employee Treasury Code :(Enter Your Treasury ID No)
8.Date of Birth : (Enter Your Date of Birth in DD/MM/YYYY mode)
9.Gender : (Select Gender)
10.Maritial Status :(Select Maritial Status Married / Un Married)
11.Category of the Post : (Select Category of Post SGT/SA...)
10.Subject : (Select Subject of Post of SA...)
12.Medium of School : (Select Medium of Post)
13. Management of the School : (Select Management Govt /Local Bodies)
14.School Type : (Select School Type Boys/Girls/Co-ed)
15.Name of the School : (Select Name of the School from Your Mandals List)
16.School Code : (No need to do any thing.. Automatically displays school code basing on the col 15 above) 
17.Date from which the Individual is working in the Present School in all Categories of Posts. ( Enter Date...)
18.Category Of the School :(Select Category of Present School I/II/III/IV)
18(A). Is there any change in Category Of the School in Previous 8yrs : 
18(B).Category Of the School : (If above is Yes then Previous Category of School)
18(C).Previous Category Dates : 
18(D).Present Category Dates :
Category wise Points
19.Whether the Individual has completed 8 yrs of Service as on 31st May, 2015 in All Categories of Posts in School. (Displays Yes/No automatically)
20.Whether the Individual is Male Headmaster Grade-II/Teacher Aged below 50 years as on 31st May, 2015 of the year and working in Girls High School :
20(A). Date of Joining in that school :
21.Rationalization(Have you affected under Rationalization process)(Select Yes/NO)
22.Date of First Appointment in service:
22(A). First appointed Category of the post :
23.Whether he/she is President or General Secretary of the District/State of Recognized Association:
24.Whether spouse is Employee of State Govt/Central Govt/Public Sector Undertaking/Local body / Aided Institution in the same district(in the same zone for Gazetted Head Master, Gr.II in Govt Schools ) :(Select Yes/NO)
24 (A).Treasury ID : (if Above is Yes then fill Spouse Details like Below)
24 (B).Name of the Spouse :
24 (C).Designation :
24 (D).Name of the Institution/Organization :
24 (E).District :
24 (F).Mandal :
25.Whether the Teacher availed the benefit under Individual/Spouse Category During the Last 8 years as on 31st May, 2015 : (Select Yes/NO)
25(A).Whether Interested to avail Spouse benefit (Select Yes/NO)
26.Whether the Teacher willing to Teach in English Medium in English Medium Schools/Parallel Sections :(Select Yes/NO)
27.Whether the Physical Science Teacher is willing to Teach Mathematics in Future :(Select Yes/NO)
27(A).Are you Teach Mathematics Continuously in Future :(Select Yes/NO)
28.Performance Parameters
A.The Teachers who have got National or State award issued by the Central / State Government.
Whether the Teacher is avail the benefit under this previous :(Select Yes/NO)
29.Teacher Irregular attendence / Unauthorised absence, not completing syllabus(Select Yes/NO)
30.Whether the individual availed the benefit under Preferential category during the last 8 years as on 31st May, 2015 :(Select Yes/NO)
31. Whether the individual wants to claim under Preferential Category (Yes/No):(Select Yes/NO)
 Total Points Secured:

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