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AP Rc.25 Rationalization and Transfers of HMs and Teachers Guidelines, Rc.25 AP Rationalization Norms, Transfers Norms.


Proceedings of the Commissioner of School Education,Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad
Rc.No. 25/Estt.III/2015 Dated:03-09-2015

School Education Rationalization /transfers Headmasters and Teachers Guidelines Issued - Regarding.

1. G.O.Ms.No. 63, Education (Seri!) Department dated 31.08.2015
2. G.O.Ms.No.66, Education (Seri!) Department, dated 02.09.2015

The attention of all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State are invited to the references read above where in the Government have issued regulation of transfer rules 2015 -16, and in pursuance of the orders issued the following instructions/guidelines are issued for taking necessary action in the matter.

>>>1) Rationalisation:
i) Rationalisation in respect of the identified Adrsha Pradhamika Patasala (Model Primary School) shall be take up as per the norms given in G.O.Ms.No.39, Edn., dated 07.08.2015 to G.O.Ms.No.51, Edn., dated 07.08.2015 issued to the respective districts.

ii) >>>After issue of G.Os, certain representations were received by the Department that, some of Schools are consolidated without justification of Primary with over 80 enrolment are not identified as Model Primary Schools. All the District Educational officers/Regional Joint Directors of school Education were instructed in CSE Rc.No. 25/Estt.III/2015 Dated:08.08.2015 to once again re-verify the list of selected schools and re submit themodifications required if any. All the District Educational Officers should submit the lists by 03.09.2015 evening. After of the same Government orders will be issued by 04.09.2015 The District Educational Officers should take further action on the revised final lists of the Adarsha Pradhamika Paatasala (Model Primary Schools).

iii) >>>For all the Primary Schools (other than Model Primary Schools) including the positively consolidated schools, the norms prescribed in G.0.Ms.No.55, Edn., dated 23.04.2011 should be followed.

iv) >>>The requirement of the teachers in Upper Primary Schools and High Schools should be arrived at,
as per G.O.Ms.No.55 Edn., dated 23.04.2011 & G.O.Ms.No.61, Education (Ser.III) Department,
Dated 16.05.2011 for the purpose of arrival of need based vacancies for transfer. However,
Rationalisation exercise for Upper Primary and High Schools shall not be taken up during this year.

v) >>>For the purpose of Rationalization and arrival of vacancies, the enrolment should be considered based on Adhar Data.

vi)>>>The requirement of teachers as per teacher pupil ratio in Upper/Primary Schools /Upgraded Upper Primary Schools (Opening of VIII Class with Government orders) and High Schools shall be provided on work adjustment basis after completion of the transfer counselling.

vii) >>>The LFL Headmasters should be provided (a) to the Aadarsha Pradhamika Paatasala (Model Primary School) where the enrolment is more than 130. (b) the balance of the LFL HM posts may be allotted to the Mandals proportionate to the number of schools, and LFL HM posts

>>>2) The cut off date:
The cut off date for all thepurposes isto be takenas 31.08.2015as per G.O.Ms.No.66, Edn., dated 02.09.2015.

>>>3) Compulsory transfers:
i)All the teachers who have completed 8 years of service in a particular school.
ii)All the Headmasters of High Schools who have completed 5 years of service.
iii) The teachers shifted under rationalization
iv) The Male Headmaster I teacher aged below 50 years as on 31.08.2015 and working in the Girls High Schools

>>>4) Transfer counselling:
i) >>>All the teachers and Headmasters who have completed a minimum period of 2 years service in a school as on 31.08.2015 are eligible to apply for transfer.

ii) >>>All the transfers should be done through web counselling only. The website addressis

iii) >>>All the transfers shall be effected within the present rnanaqernent, Agency to Agency area and Plain to Plain area.

iv) >>>Preference shall be given to Headmaster Gr.II, who have studied the language
concerned (Urdu I Tamil I Kannada I Oriya) Language as 1st Language I as main subject to the respective Medium Schools.

v) (a) >>>The teachers who were given transfer orders in the year 2013 and who were not relieved for want of substitute, after Rationalization exercise and arriving at the need in the schools, if need is established in the opted I transfer place all such teachers may be relieved.
(b) Where the need is not established after rationalizatton exercise, all such transfer orders issued in the year 2013 and who were not relieved for want of substitute, such transfer orders may be cancelled to allow them for apply for online transfer in the present counseling. (as per Govt. Memo.No.13329/Ser.11/2012, Dated:16.06.2015)

>>>5) Classificationof towns / habitation:
i)The categorisation of habitation I town classified under rule 6 (c) should be followed:
ii)The District Collector concerned shall publish the list of habitations in respect of
category IV area which do not have connectivity through an all whether road as per the norms of Panchayat Raj (Engineering Department).
iii)>>>The District Collector to publish the list of such habitations on or before08.09.2015
iv) >>>case of habitation I towns which were earlier in one category and later changed to the other category (as per HRA I Road condition) in such >>>cases the entitlement points may be calculated proportionately in the >>>matter as per the categorisation in the G.O.Ms.No.63, Edn., dated31.08.2015.

>>>6) Entitlement I performance I special I rationalisationI Minus points: The rules stipulated in
i) Rule 6 (a), (b), (c) of the G.O. should be followed
ii) Rule 6 (A), 6 (8), 6 (C), 7, 8 & 10 should be followed.
iii) Rule 7 will be followed except Rule 7 (5) (6) & (7) as rationalisation for Upper Primary and High Schools is not taken up this year.
iv) Rule 8 & 9 to be followed
v) Rule 1 O(b) to be deleted and only Rule 1 O(c) to be followed.
vi) In case of institutional related performance points and individual related performance points as per rule 6 (8) & 6 (C) the criteria of determination shall betwo preceding academic years
vii) The performance related,institution related and individualrelated points shouldbe certified by the Headmaster and counter signed by the Mandal Educational Officer / Deputy Educational Officer. Where possible, it will be cross verified with the Data base available for eg. SSA results data fromDirector of Government Examinations. Annual Assessment Survey 2015 data from SCERT; child information data from NIC etc.
viii) In case of teacher/HM claiming receipt of National /State Award such award should have been awarded by Government of Andhra Pradesh or Government of India.
ix) In case of a tie in the points secured the procedure prescribed in rule 9 of the
G.O.No. 63, Edn., dated 31.08.2015 shall be followed.

>>>7) Preferential categories:
i)The rules prescribed in Rule 11 in the G.0.No. 63, Edn., dated 31.08.2015 should be followed.

ii) Where the preferential category is claimed on health grounds as per Rule 11 (d),(e),(f) and (g) a certificate from District Medical Board I State Medical Board should be produced.

iii) The District Collector will constitute a medical board to function on 3th & gth of
September, 2015 with instruction to examine ad issue the Medical Certificate in the same day.

iv) The rules prescribed in Rule 11 (h) & (i) shall not be followed in the present transfer counselling (as the rationalisation is not taken up for High Schools) during 2015-16.

v) Rule 11 (d) (vii) & (viii) deleted

>>>8) Special Points:
i) The President I General Secretary of a Teacher Association having O.D. facility provided by GAD is eligible for special category as per Rule 7(1)
ii) The special points are applicable once in 8 years. However this is not
applicable to Rule 7(1) of G.O.No. 63, Edn., dated 31.08.2015
iii) The benefit of Special points to Head Master Gr. I I shall be applicable once in
5 years (as 5 years period is prescribed for compulsory transfers)

>>>9) Notificationof vacancies:
i)All existing clear vacancies in Model Primary Schools, other than Model Primary Schools, Upper Primary and High Schools as on 31.08.2015 as per teacher pupil ratio shall be displayed, except leave vacancies.
ii) unauthorised absent teachers vacancies whose absence is more than one year shall also be displayed
iii)Resultant vacancies after rationalisation
iv)All the vacancies arising due to compulsory transfers
v) Resultant vacancies during counselling
vi)to ensure 70:30 ratio i.e. Promotion/DirectRecruitment .

>>>10) RationalisationI transfer counselling:
i) The rationalisation I transfer counselling should be taken up I completed as per the schedule prescribed by the Commissioner of School Education in letter Re. No.25/Estt.3/2015, Dated 03.09.2015
ii) The rules prescribed from Rule 12 to Rule 19 should be followed.

>>>11) Relief and Joining:
i) The transferred Head Master I Teacher shall be relieved within 7 days
from the present on the next day. place of working and he I she shall join in the new school

ii) The Head Master I Teacher shall be relieved subject to condition that there shall be 50°/o of regular teachers working in the school (as per Rule 19 (1) of the G.O.)

iii)The Head Master I Teacher who does not join cannot claim compulsory wait under any circumstances, for any reason.

>>>12) Appeal I Revision:
Any appeal against the orders should be submitted within 1 O days from the date of receipt of transfer orders to the authority concerned. The appellate authority should dispose the appeals within 15 days from the date of receipt in terms of rule 20 of G.O.No. 63, Edn., dated 31.08.2015

>>>13) Activity after transfer counselling:
i)The sanctioned I vacant posts (SGTs/SAs) OR any other posts remained surplus
after rationalisation should be adjusted as per the requirements. Additional posts I teachers should be provide to ensure class level teacher pupil ratio at class room & school level in the following manner:
(a) to the upgraded UP Schools where the enrolment, justify allocation of additional
teachers in the School/Class
(b) to High Schools where there is requirement and the class strength is over 50 students on work adjustment basis till the end of the academic year. (as per Rule 12 of the G.O.No. 63, Edn., dated 31.08.2015)

#AP TRANSFERS - Rc.No. 25/Estt.III/2015 Dated:03-09-2015

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