Rc.395 Dt.27.05.2016 2015 Transferred but not relieved teachers – Instructions

Rc. No.395/Estt-111/2016                                                         Date:27/05/2016

Sub:- School  Education • Reliving  of teachers who were transferred  during the Transfer Counseling  held in 2015 and not relieved for want of substitute Further instructions – issued  • Reg.


1.This Office Proc.Rc.No.20/TRC-1/2016,    Dated:05.03.2016.

2. This Office Pr Rc.No.395/Estt-11112016,    Dated:20.04.2016.

3.Video Conference held on 24.05.2016 with  R.J.D.S.Es and D.E.Os.


                                                    The attention  of all  the  Regional Joint  Directors  of School Education and the District Educational Officers  in the State  are invited  to the references read above. In the reference  1st   cited,   guidelines were issued for  filing   up vacancies with  the  D.S.C 2014 selected  teacher recruitees, and one of the guideline is as  follows:

” Para 7 ; The vacancies of such schools  where a teacher is transferred  during 2015 transfer  counseling but  continues to work due to non-availability   of reliever, such vacancy should be notified  as clear vacancy.

During   October /November   2015 online  web  based teachers  transfers  were conducted and accordingly teachers were transferred,  but some of the teachers  were not  relieved   for  want  of  substitute.   In the  reference  2″d  cited,   instructions  were issued  in  respect of  teachers   who were  given transfer  orders in Teacher Transfer Counseling 2015 and not yet relieved for want of substitute/need    as follows:

(i)  If  need  is established   in   the  opted  I  transferred  place,   relieve  the teachers on last working day i.e.  23rd April,  2016.

(ii) If need is established  in the opted I transferred  place, but Teacher is not  willing   to  be  relieved   now  and ff  they  have  not  completed   8 years,  cancel the  transfer  orders.  They may be allowed  to  apply for online transfer in ensuring transfer  counseling.

(iii) If  need is not  established  cancel the  transfer   orders of teachers,  and allow them to apply for online transfer in ensuing  transfer counseling.

                                                                It  is found  that  in view  of  the  instructions   cited  1     above,  the    D.E.Os  have opened the vacancies  for web counseling  for the D.S.C  selected   S.G.Ts and L.Ps during March 2016, duly including   the posts  of  teachers transferred  during  2015  awaiting relief for want  of substitute.

                                                                  During  the video conference held on 24.05.2016,   clarifications  were sought by the  DEOs  on   the  above cited  references.   

                                                                     In  some of  the  districts, there  are  no vacancies  to accommodate the  new recruits  who have  opted  for the locations where the  teachers transferred   during 2015  Transfer Counseling are yet to be relieved. 

                                                               The issue of both  the proceedings t.e.  1 ‘1   and 2″d cited was discussed in detail  with  the District Educational  Officers. 

                                                          Based on  the suggestions  received from the  D.E.Os  during the Video  Conference,  in view  of  the  fact  that  the  vacancies opened to  the web counseling   and opted  for  by the teacher  recruits  cannot be deleted  at later  stage, and  especially in view  of the fact that the teachers  have opted for the places knowing full facts  during 2015  Transfers.

                                                    Therefore,  it   is hereby decided  to cancel  the orders issued at  serial   (ii)   in reference cited  2 above as  such posts need to be filled  with   DSC-2014  candidates, who completed web counseling.

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