Friday 27 October 2017

DDO Covering Letter,Applications For Converting Saving Account To Salary Account In SBI

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Covering Letter,Bank Annexures,Applications For Converting Saving Account -A/c To Salary Account -A/c (Salary Package Account-A/c) In SBI (State Bank Of India/S.B.I) Under SGSP(State Govt Salary Package) Scheme for All States In India including Andhra Pradesh(AP/A.P) and Telangana(TS/T.S/TG) States Exclusively for State Govt Employees.In This Article (In Telugu Version Also)We will discuss about How To change My account from SB To S.G.S.P Scheme?,Am I Eligile for State Government Salary Package Account-A/c?,What is the Procedure/Process For Converting/Changing to Salary Account from S.B A/c?,Benefits/Merits and De-merits of Salary Account?,How to check Salary Account Description Code In Net Banking/Online Sbi Website,SBI - Employee Benefits.

SBI Salary Account- SGSP లోకి మారిందా లేదా తెలుసుకొనే విధానము
కింద మన అకౌంట్ మారిందా లేదా తెలుసుకోవాలంటే నెట్ బ్యాంకింగ్ లోకి వెళ్లి అకౌంట్ స్టేట్ మెంట్ లో ఫస్ట్ పేజీలో మన డీటెయిల్స్ దగ్గర ACCOUNT DESCRIPTION లో
అని ఉంటేనే ఆకౌంట్ సాలరీ అకౌంట్ లోనికి మారినట్లు లెక్క.
అలా లేకుంటే మారనట్లే.
GOLD/DIAMOND అంటే మనకు వచ్చే జీతం ఆధారం మనకు బ్యాంక్ ఇచ్చే ప్యాకేజీ లో ఒక రకం ATM కార్డ్ రకం.*INR అంటే ఇండియన్ రూపీస్ అని అర్థం.*_DDO Covering Letter,Bank Annexures,Applications For Converting Saving Account To Salary Account In SBIAccount Description Option దొరకని వారుంటే Profile open చేసి Account Summery Option నొక్కితే last 10 Transactions ఆప్షన్ కనిపిస్తుంది. ఈ ఆప్షన్ నొక్కితే వచ్చే Account Description ఆప్షన్లో SBI సాలరీ ఎకౌంటు package - Gold/Diamond లోకి మారినట్లుగా సూచిస్తుంది. లేదా Account Statement Option లోకి వెళ్లి 6 Months (Ex:- 22-4-2017 to 22-10-2017) ఎంటర్ చేసి PDF Format డౌన్లోడ్ ఆప్షన్ టిక్ చేసి Go మీద ప్రెస్ చేస్తే మీ 6 Months Statement PDF ఫార్మాట్ లో డౌన్లోడ్ అవగానే ఓపెన్ చేసి చూస్తే ఫస్ట్ పేజీలో మన డీటెయిల్స్ లో Account Description Option కనిపిస్తుంది , ఈ ఆప్షన్ లో పైన చెప్పిన విధముగా SBICHQ-SGSP-PUBIND-GOLD/DIAMOND -INR ఉంటే Salary Account గా మారినట్లు , లేనిచో Saving Account ఆప్షన్ సూచిస్తుంది.*Net Banking ఉన్న SBI Saving Account, SBI Salary Account Package(Gold) గా మారినట్లుగా ఈ క్రింది Images ద్వారా గమనించగలరు.
DDO Covering Letter,Bank Annexures,Applications For Converting Saving Account To Salary Account In SBI
*నెట్ బ్యాంకింగ్ లేని వారు తెలుసుకోవాలంటే ...*
Application ఇచ్చిన తర్వాత Mini Statement కొరకు Missed Call ఇస్తే Interest debit అయ్యి మరలా credit అయినట్లు Statement లో చూడవచ్చు. 
ఇలా జరిగి ఉంటే SGSP(Salary Account Package) లోకి మారినట్టు.లేకపోతే ఇంకా NORMAL SAVING BANK ACCOUNT గానే ఉన్నట్లు
DDO Covering Letter,Bank Annexures,Applications For Converting Saving Account To Salary Account In SBI

What are the Benefits Under SBI salary account?
Benefits Offered by SBI Salary Accounts to Employers
Easy Management SBI Salary accounts offer a convenient way to manage salaries with Core banking and internet banking facilities.
No Charges No Charges for uploading of salaries,
No hassles SBI Salary accounts reduces the salary administration cost and takes away the hassles of paperwork.
Instant Credit Employees get instant salary credit thereby reducing any unnecessary delays.
Benefits Offered by SBI Salary Accounts to Employees
Anywhere Banking With over 16, 000 core banking branches and more than 53, 000 A
Easy account management SBI Salary account holders can manage their account without any hassles through internet banking and mobile banking services.
Zero balance requirements No charges for non maintenance of the account
Free Services Free debit cards, personal accident insurance cover and personalized multi city cheque books
Investment Options Account holders can opt for Systematic Investment Plan in mutual funds and demat facility for trading/
Easy Loan Options SBI Salary account holders can avail home loan, Xpress credit loan, auto loan, home loan etc
Current Account SBI offers additional employee reimbursement current account specially for crediting reimbursements.
Easy Overdraft Facilities Easy overdraft up to 2 months salary which is repayable within a period of 6 months.
Features of SBI Salary Accounts:
Cheque Book 20 cheque leaves free
Passbook and e-Statements Passbook is provided at no extra cost. Free statement of account provided.
Internet Banking Yes
SMS Alerts Yes
Cash Withdrawal 5 transactions free (for non-metro) and 3 free transactions (for metro) for cash and non - cash transactions at other Bank ATMs across India. Free cash and non - cash transactions at SBI ATMs across India (maximum of 5 transactions at own bank ATMs for select SBI debit cardholders)

How To Get SBI State Govt Employees Salary Package Benefits?

Please contact your nearest SBI for exact details at present.......
Package variants available as per designation of personnel:
Package variants available as per designation of personnel:
SILVER:Gross Monthly Salary from 5000 and up to 20000
GOLD: Gross Monthly Salary from 20,000 and up to 50,000/-
DIAMOND: Class 2 Employees i.e., Gazetted Officers, Asst Directors or Employees with Gross Monthly Salary from 50,000 and up to 1,00,000/-
PLATINUM: Class I Executive Grade 1 Like Commissioners, Collectors and HOD, Directors, PS, Secretary or Employees with Gross Monthly Salary 1,00,000/-

Benefits to the Employer:
1. Hassle-free account opening process. On request, our officials will visit your premises to on-board your employees. Employees can also opt to open their accounts online or by visiting the nearest branch. 
2. A convenient way to manage salaries across a large number of centres, through the Bank's award-winning Corporate Internet Banking. 
3. Online facilities reduce paperwork and salary administration cost. Enjoy instant credit of salaries to your employees' accounts. 
4. Zero charge for salary disbursement. 
5. Equipping your employees with a power-packed Salary Account that is trusted by the largest organizations in India.

How to Change SBI Savings Account to Salary Account?

  1. Write an application to change your account type to respective salary account with proof of your job (e.g. Salary Slip, Service Certificate etc). 
  2. This process holds true if you are working at Central Government or State Government or PSU.
  3. The request for conversion of normal saving Bank account to salary account cannot be submitted by you directly to the branch. Submit it through your DDO.
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