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CFMS Regular Salary,DA Arrears Bills Submission Process,March 2018 Failed Bills Submission

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CFMS Regular Salary (Pay) Bills,DA Arrears Bills Submission Process in CFMS - March 2018 Failed Bills Submission Process in CFMS .GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH FINANCE (IT) DEPARTMENT COMPREHENSIVE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CFMS) CFMS Circular – 7  Dt. 23.04.2018. Pay bill Submission process in CFMS - Failed Bills Submission Process in CFMS Billing Process in CFMS Pay bill Submission process – Narration and How to Failure Transactions handling for the month of March 2018. How to submit failed bills in March 2018. Re submit Pay bills Process and Beneficiary Creation in CFMS. Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) is launched on 02.04.2018 and currently being stabilized. One of the main objectives of CFMS, in addition to establishing a Single Source of Truth, is to promote efficiency and effectiveness in public financial management activities.
Regular Salary (Pay) Bills,DA Arrears Submission process in CFMS - March 2018 Failed Bills Submission Process in CFMS

  Regular Salary (Pay) Bills,DA Arrears Submission process in CFMS - March 2018 Failed Bills Submission Process in CFMS 

Pay bill Submission process:
  1. DDOs shall prepare pay bills in HRMS as usual. Upon submission of bill using DDO Bill Submission option, a TBR number is generated for the bill. The bills so generated are picked up by CFMS and pushed into the Inbox of the DDO (Submitter).
  2. In about 30 minutes from the time of generation of TBR. The DDO shall attach the required documents and certificates and furnish checklist remarks and then submit to the respective treasury with Bio Metric Authentication.
  3. The said submitted bill will flow into auditor login of respective treasury. The Treasury Office shall audit the bill as per workflow in CFMS. The bills passed by the Treasury Officers will be scheduled for payment on 1st day of the month.
  4. If the bill is rejected by treasury officer, then the bill will be shown in DDOs login and DDO shall make necessary corrections and resubmit the bill again.

To process Pay bills the following pre-requisites should be completed :

@ HOD Level:  
Confirmation of HR Data and Organization Structure is necessary to create User credentials and also to map the employees to relevant positions in an office. Hence this confirmation is per-requisite.
@ HOO Level:  
Head of the Office has to configure Maker – Checker (Optional) – Submitter in Bill Submission Workflow. 
Unless this workflow is maintained, the bills will be rejected at interface level with a message “Submitter Not Found “.
@ Treasury Level:  
Treasury Officer has to configure Auditor – Verifier (Optional) –Approver in Bill Approval Workflow. 
Unless this workflow is maintained, DDO cannot create or submit the bill and will get the message that “Approver not maintained”.

Failure Transactions handling for the month of March 2018:

  1. The central team of CFMS sends the payment file to RBI for payment to payees’ accounts. 
  2. The RBI shall communicate the unsuccessful payments list from time to time in the form of Return Notifications. 
  3. The central team has to re-initiate payment after the DDO furnishes correct the bank account details of payees. 
  4. Since it is difficult to reach out the DDOs, This office is communicating the RNs to respective DTOs and requesting them to furnish consolidated list of corrected bank details. 
  5. Upon receipt of such details, the central team of CFMS shall re-initiate the payment to respective payees. 

Beneficiary Creation:

  1. Employees and Pensioners bank details obtained from the Legacy system and registered as beneficiaries in CFMS system.
  2. To register third party / Non-employee beneficiaries provision has been made in CFMS.
  3. HOO shall configure the workflow for Beneficiary creation by clicking on Authorised Beneficiary create request access which can be found in OTHERS tab under Workflow configuration Bill Submit.
  4. The authorized person will get access to the Beneficiary Create Request tile, through which HOO can make request for 3rd party / Non – employee beneficiaries’ registration by providing beneficiary basic details and bank details and beneficiary create request number shall be generated and later beneficiary vendor code is created in CFMS. 

Payroll process in CFMS - Billing Process in AP CFMS:

  1. Log in with your CFMS Id before.
  2. Please click on Workflow configuration in Expenditure Tab.
  3. Create a Submitter in it, the Checker is not mandatory.
  4. Please submit our bill to our DDO Req.
  5. After about half an hour it will be reflected in the CFMS.
  6. Bill Life cycle management on the Expenditure tab of CFMS
  7. Your bill will appear there.
  8. Please click on the details and attach pdf scan copies to the required documents and submit. 
Pay Roll Process In Telugu
★ ముందు మీ CFMS Id తో లాగిన్ అవ్వండి.

★ Expenditure Tab లో Workflow configuration పై click చేయండి.

★ అందులో Maker,Submitter ను create చేయండి.Checker mandatory కాదు.

★ తర్వాత మన పాత పద్దతిలో బిల్లు DDO Req లో submit చేయండి.

★ సుమారు అరగంట తర్వాత అది CFMS లో reflect అవుతుంది.

★ CFMS లో Expenditure tab లో Bill life cycle management పై click చేయండి.

★ అందులో మీ బిల్లు కనబడుతుంది.

★ దానిపై click చేసి వివరాలు సరిచూసుకొని, అవసరమైన డాక్యుమెంట్లు PDF Scan కాపీలు attache చేసి Submit చేయండి.

★ అక్కడి తో మీ బాధ్యత అయిపోతుంది...  
Download  Pay bill Submission process in CFMS 


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