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Gnanadhaara Programme Teachers Application,Guidelines,District Wise Centers List

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Gnanadhaara (Gnana Dhaara Jnana Dhaara) Teachers Application,Guidelines,District Wise Centers List'Gnanadhaara' Summer residential Remedial Teaching Learning Programme in the part of AP Vidhya Vikasasm Scheme for Backward Students i.e C,D1,D2 Grade Students among 5th Class,9th Class In Telugu, English, Maths, PS, BS, Science Subjects.In Teachers Application,Guidelines,District Wise Centers List.Chittoor District Gnanadhaara Teachers Application,Selected Students Lists,Venue Lists,GuideLines By DEO CHITTOOR.All the MEOs are instructed to download the attached file of teachers application of AP Gnanadhaara Programme.A.P Gnanadhaara Programme -Guidelines.'GNANA DHAARA Programme Time table'.All the MEOs are instructed to download the attached files and take necessary action to make success of the Gnanadhaara and Manavooru manabadi Programmes.Andhra Pradesh Chittoor Gnanadhaara Centers List.All the MEOs are requested to download the attached Venues list of Gnanadhaara programme.Gnanadhaara Programme - 5th and 9th Class students list will be covered in ateacher.in website.
Gnanadhaara Summer residential Remedial Programme Teachers Application,Guidelines,District Wise Centers List
Gnanadhaara Summer residential Remedial Programme Teachers Application,Guidelines,District Wise Centers List

Gnanadhaara (Gnana Dhaara Jnana Dhaara) Teachers Application,Guidelines,District Wise Centers List

PROCEEDINGS OF THE COMMISSIONER OF SCHOOL EDUCATION ANDHRA PRADESH, AMARAVATI.R.C.No.211 B/SCERT/2018 Dated: 16.04.2018 .Sub: CSE, A.P., Amaravati — Implementation of Gnana Dhaara Remediation Program — For Identified Students — One-month Residential Program to Improve Learning Outcomes — Implementation Guidelines - Orders Issued — Reg.  
1. Instructions of Hon'ble Chief Minister during the Collector's Conference, dated 19.01.2018
2. Prog.Rc.No.5101/A/w&P/7.4/RMSA-AP/2017, of the Director RMSA, A.P, dated 21.12.2017
3. Proceedings to District Educational Officers, regarding Gnana Dhaara Program, dated 20.03.18
4. Note orders of the Commissioner of School Education, AP, Amaravati

The attention of all the District Educational Officers, Regional Joint Directors of School Education and Project Officers of SSA in the state informed that the Government of Andhra Pradresh has planned to conduct remedial training programme in summer residential mode, to the identified students of class V and IX (who will be in VI and X classes in 2018-19), identified through SA 1 results.

In this regard, all the above officers are aware that detailed instructions have already been issued, as per ref.3 cited, to make necessary arrangements to conduct the summer remedial program from 01 May 2018 till 31' May 2018.

In view of the above, all the above officers in the state once again reiterated the timelines of the activities to be done at district level as well as venues. 

Important Tasks as Per Below Schedule:
1. Verification of venues furnished by 0/o CSE -MEO -17.04.2018

2. Venue Confirmation —google form on cse.ap.gov.in -DEO -17.04.2018

3. Confirmation of Students Participation and Mapping to hostels on cse.ap.gov.in -DEO -19.04.2018

4. Identification of Resource Teachers and confirmation to SCERT — On cse.ap.gov.in -DEO -18.04.2018

5. Orientation/ Training to Resource Teachers through Mana TV -SCERT -20.04.2018

6. District Level Convergence Meeting with Line Departments (SW, TW, BCW, Municipalities and other minorities) chaired by District Collector- DEO- 23.04.2018

7. HM meeting conducted by all MEOs on Gnana Dhaara program -MEO -20.04.2018

8. Distribution of printed pamphlets to all schools and mandals- DEO -20.04.2018

9. Conduct of SMC and PTA Meetings -DEO -21.04.2018

10. Identification on-boarding of NGOs to work in identified schools -DEO- 20.04.2018

11. Enabling e-Hazar and Digital Classrooms in all venues- DEOs in coordination with IT Cell, 0/0 CSE -25.04.2018

12. Constitution of Gnana Dhaara District Monitoring Cell in each district -DEO -18.04.2018

13. Printing and Supply of Remedial Content to school points directly -SCERT -27.04.2018 

Executive guidelines for implementation of the program is as follows:  

1. Identification of Resource Teachers: 
The following is the teacher selection criteria to be followed

a. Every 200 students should be treated as one unit of remediation center.

b. Every unit of remediation center should have 4 School Assistants (SA- Maths, SA- Physical Science, SA- Biological Sciences, SA- English), one Secondary Grade Teacher (SGT) and one Physical Education Teacher (PET)

c. SGTs will handle Telugu and EVS of Class 5 students

d. Teachers of ALL Managements i.e. SW, TW, BCW, KGBVs, Municipal Schools, Model Schools, Society Schools should be considered for selection of resource persons

e. Preference should be given to Resource persons (SRGs/DRGs), Textbook writers, Mana TV presenters and digital content creators 

2. Co-curricular Activities: 

a. The following activities shall be taken up during the Gnana Dhaara remediation program as per the schedule, i.e. Yoga, Drawing, Arts & Crafts, Sports and Games, Story-telling, Creative Learning or Critical Thinking etc.

b. Four Guest Lecturers, Motivational speeches shall be arranged at the rate of one per week

c. Twelve classes for other co-curricular activities shall be organized, at the rate of three per week
3. Usage of Digital Technology  

a. Educational movies, short films, inspirational movies shall be arranged twice every week b. Ensure the availability of a Projector/LCD TV in every remediation center 

4. Student Confirmation

a. Final confirmation of student participation along with hostel mapping during the Gnana Dhaara remediation program shall be updated online by MEOs.

5. Convergence Issues 

a. The DEOs should have a convergence with all Line Departments such as District Medical & Health officer, Police, SW, TW, BCW, Municipal, KGBVs, AP Model Schools, Electricity Department, Civil Supplies

b. The DEOs should ask the DM & HO for providing of Health Assistant at each remediation center

c. The DEOs should ask the Police Department for providing of Night Beat at each venue

d. The DEOs should ensure the supply of Rice as per the indicative indent at the earliest by consulting the DM, Civil Supplies

e. The DEOs should address the SE, Electricity to ensure un-interrupted power supply to all venues

f. The SE, RWS should be requested to provide necessary safe drinking water

g. Mainly, the DEOs should be in touch with the DD SW, DD TW, DD BCW, DD Minorities Welfare and Municipal Commissioner for providing of Boarding and Lodging with the
necessary utensils along with their staff until completion of the program

6. Supporting staff

a. Every remediation centre should be provided with One Clerical/Technical Assistant and One Sweeper and One Attender for assisting the program

b. If the above personnel are already available in the identified venues, priority shall be given to them

7. Gnana Dhaara District Monitoring Cell 

a. The DEOs should constitute a Gnana Dhaara Monitoring Cell in his office, consisting of ASO (0/o DEO), AMO SSA, DCEB Secretary and 2 members of District Assessment Cell
b. This Cell must look after the day-wise attendance, smooth delivery of the schedule

c. The Cell shall submit the day-wise, venue wise attendance to the Director, SCERT both in the morning and evening in prescribed proforma given by SCERT. Financial guidelines and Norms will be issued separately soon. 

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Gnanadhaara Teachers Application,Guidelines,District Wise Centers List

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