Friday 25 May 2018

TS Employees General Transfers 2018 Schedule ,Guide Lines ,Online Application Form

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Telangana Transfers For TS Employees and TS Teachers in All Departments from 25th May  2018 to 15th June 2018 as per the schedule Mentioned In G.O Ms.No.61 Dated:24-05-2018 By Government Of Telangana State {Ban Lifted On TS General Transfers On Request Spouse Medical Grounds}.TS Employees Staff Guidelines, Schedule, Transfers Procedure, Minimum Qualifying service, Transfers Online Application form, T.S Transfers Application Form, Guidelines Rules GO 61,Minimum,Maximum Qualifying Eligible Year Cut Off Date for TS Employees Transfers . Telangana Employees Transfers Guidelines, Schedule 2018are as follows... 
{Telangana} TS Employees General Transfers 2018 Schedule ,Guide Lines ,Online Application Form as Per GO 61

TS Employees General Transfers 2018 Schedule ,Guide Lines ,Online Application,Minimum,Maximum as Per GO 61

TS Employees Transfers Schedule 2018:

Annexure–I (G.O.Ms.No.Finance (HRM-I) Department, Dated:24-05-2018) - Transfers Schedule is as follows.

Day -01 to 07
: Finalizing operational mechanism based on the G.O.Ms.No.  Finance (HRM-I) Department, Dated:24-05-2018 by the concerned departments, in consultation with the Unions / Associations.
Preparation and publication of Incumbency   particulars, clear vacancies and list of the employees to be compulsorily transferred.
Day – 08 to12
: Submission of applications with option by the employees.
Day–13 to19
: Verification of Applications and arranging, as per          transfer policy and preparation of master list accordingly after counseling.  
Day  20 to 22
:Issue of transfer orders, and 3rd day of issue of orders employees shall be deemed to have been relieved from the previous station.

Online Application Form For Telangana Employees Transfers - 2018:

I Employee Information
b Name of the Employee
c Date of Birth
d Gender
e Post Cadre/Category Name
f Multizone/Zone/District to which allotted
g Date of Initital joining into Service (optional)
II Details of present post held
a Name of the office presently working
b Name of the Present Post
c Present  Post Location (Head Quarters)
d Date from which working in the present station
III Spouse Employment Details
a Whether Employee/ (Yes/No) (If yes give below details)
b Employees of GoTS/GoTS Undertaking/Telangana State Local Bodies /GoI/ GoI Undertaking
c Spouse Name
d Name of the Department
e Name of the Post
f Post Head quarters
IV Preferred Post
(In the order of Priority)

a 1st Preference
b 2nd  Preference
c 3rd  Preference
d 4th  Preference
e 5th Preference


Place: (Signature of Employee)
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