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How To Calculate Individual (Personal) DA Arrears@25.676% In PRC 2015 for AP,TS Teachers In Mobile,PC

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How To Calculate Individual (Personal) DA Arrears@25.676% In PRC 2015 for AP,TS Teachers In Mobile,PC. DA Arrears Calculator from July 2017.This DA Arrears Calculator from July 2017 has been provided here to Calculate the DA and DR arrears for 14 months.DA hike from 24.104% to 25.676% to AP Employees and Dearness Relief to Pensioners.The Cabinet gave its to release the additional 1.572% Dearness Allowance (DA) to AP State Government employees and Dearness Relief (DR) to pensioners with effect from 1.7.2017.DA Arrears Calculator 2018.How To Calculate DA (D.A/Dearness Allowances) Arrears In Mobile (Android Mobiles and IOS Mobiles) for Every Single Teacher,Employees in AP (Andhra Pradesh),TS (Telangana) Staff who are working in All Departments.How Much Amount will I get DA Arrears @25.676% from 24.104% for AP New DA from July 2018 To March 2018 for CPS ZPPF / GPF Holders for retiring Employees Also.How To Calculate Individual (Personal) DA Arrears In PRC 2015, DA Arrears Calculator for Dearness Allowance from July 2017, Good news for Andhra Pradesh govt employees; DA hiked – From arrears payment to implementation in salary, check all details here Andhra Pradesh Cabinet has decided to increase Dearness Allowance (DA) for state government employees from 24.104% to 25.676%.AP New da 1.572% to AP employees from 1st july 2017,present new da 25.676%,old da 24.104%,da difference,da enhanced,da arrears in gpf cps account.AP DA @ 25.676% Arrears Bill Software,AP TS New DA Table 25.676% / 24.104% DA Table Monthly Salary,increased DA,New DA,AP July 2017 DA 22.008% Arrears, New DA GO Monthly Salary Software ( Calculator ) with DA and HRA,AP DA Enhanced from 25.676% to 24.104% from 01-07-2017,DA 1.572% Sanctioned to Andhra Pradesh Employee from 1st July 2017, Present DA 22.008% ,NEW DA @24.104% READY RECKNOR, SALARY BILL PREPARATION WITH NEW DA@24.104% From August 2018 Month.DA ARREARS BILL SOFTWARE,DA READY RECKNOR SOFTWARE FOR AP FROM 24.104% TO 25.676% (w.e.f -07/2017).HOW to Prepare D.A Arrears Bill For Teaching and Non Teaching Staff,July 2017 DA was sanctioned By A.P State Government as per G.O M.S ,Dated: xx.08.201x with effect from July 2017.For ZPPF/GPF Holder Employees NEW DA@1.576% Arrears Will be Credited In their PF Accounts as well as Cash from August 2018 Month which was paid in September  2018 Month.And For CPS(Contributory Pension Scheme-NPS) Employees will get 90% of Arrears In the Terms of Cash and remaining 10% of DA Arrears will be credit in their PRAN Accounts.

How To Calculate Individual (Personal) DA Arrears In PRC 2015

How To calculate DA Arrears In Mobile Version Excel Sheet With The Help Of MS Excel App.
How To Calculate Individual (Personal) DA Arrears In PRC 2015 for AP,TS Teachers In Mobile,PC

AP DA @25.676% Arrears Bill Software for Teaching,Non Teaching Staff,New DA@1.572% Ready Recknor

AP NEW DA 25.676% wef 01.07.2017 (DA-24.104% to 25.676%),DA Reckoner @ 25.676% Andhra Pradesh Govt has been raised DA @ 25.676% (24.104%+1.572%).Here is the DA Table of AP Govt Employees most useful DA Reckoner .  

How To Prepare DA Arrears Bill For Teaching,Non Teaching

Employees in Andhra Pradesh State Govt  
1.First Login In AP Treasury Website
2.User Name:DDO Code
4.Click on DA Arrears Bill Preparation
5.Then Selection HOA
6.Enter To Month
7.Make a Hit on Submit
8.Then new Window Will be Appeared
9.Click On Each Employee Tab
10.Edit if any Changes
11.Check Individual System for Correct Values
12.Click On Submit
13.Then Click On Bill Submission 
14.Select Form Type,Bill Type,Enter Month,Year
15.Click On Submit 
16.Then Make Hit On TBR Beneficiaries
17.Enter Month,Year
18.Make  A click On Submit
New DA@1.572% Difference Table Is Here
This will help to reckon DA Arrears hike in DA from 25.676% to 24.104%  w.e.f from 01/07/2017 to up to date for Andhra Pradesh state Government Employees.

Download Individual DA Arrears@25.676%  Calculator


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