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AP #RMSA Grants 2017-2018 Utilization Guidelines,Instructions As Per Rc.No.359

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AP RMSA Annual Grants 2017-2018 Utilization Guidelines,Instructions As Per Rc.No.359

#AP #RMSA #School Annual Grants Utilization Guidelines and Instructions 2017

Suggestive Guidelines on utilization of the Annual School Grants and Minor Repair Grant under AWP & B of RMSA 2017-2018: All the Head of institutions of Secondary Schools (Local Body Govt, Ashram KGBVs / APREIS/ APSWREI, Society in the District are informed that the Commissioner and Director of School Education and Ex. Officio Project Director RMSA, Hyderabad will release the annual grants Rs.50,000/- and Miner repairs Rs.25,000/- per each school through the reference cited and it will be adjusted in their bank accounts through online. The amount has been breakup component wise as follows. please download the PDF file of RMSA Annual Grants 2015 - 16 same guidelines follow should as previous year 2013-14 and 2014-201
RMSA School Annual Grants 2017-2018
Rc.No.359 /RMSA/2014-2 Dated: 24.07.2017:: Sub:- SE- RMSA- Release of funds towards implementation of RMSA Programme in Andhra Pradesh under the components of School Annual Grants at School level - Utilization of funds - Comprehensive guidelines and instructions - Issued - Reg.
1.This office Procs. Rc.No.359/RMSA-AP/2014, dt.14.08.2014.
2. This office Procs. Rc.No.359/RMSA-AP/2014, dt.29.12.2015.

All the Head Masters/ Principals & Chairmen of School Management Development Committees of identified Secondary Schools & all the District Educational Officers & Ex-Officio District Project Coordinators of RMSA in the State are informed that the Commissioner of School Education & Ex-Officio Project Director, RMSA, A.P., is pleased to accord sanction and release of an amount of Rs.2935. 70 lakhs (Rupees Twenty Nine Crores Thirty Five Lakhs Seventy Thousand Only) based on the enrolment of the identified 5948 Secondary schools in the State (list of schools is enclosed) towards School Annual Grants for the year 2017-18.  Further, they are informed that the comprehensive instruction & suggestive guidelines for utilization of school grants have already been communicated (Copy enclosed) vide reference 2nd & 3rd read above for ready reverence. Therefore, they are requested to follow the instructions & Guidelines for utilization school grants (Copy enclosed) and they are also requested to submit compliance the report of expenditure particulars for utilization grants for every three months. Deviation of the funds will be viewed seriously.
Encl: Comprehensive guidelines & List of schools.

Suggestive Guidelines on utilization of the Annual School Grants and Minor Repair Grant under AWP&B of RMSA for year......
The Annual School Grants @Rsl.50,000/- (@ Rs. 40,000.00 in total and Minor Repair Grant @ Rs. 10,000.00) under AWP&B 2015-16 of RMSA, Andhra Pradesh are being released to the School Management and Development Committees (SMDCs) of Govt. Secondary and Higher Secondary (having secondary section) schools maintaining A/C in various Banks by way of Bank transfer from State Office of RMSA, AP. The Grants are released to those schools who submitted the utilization the school grants released during 2014-15.

The details of the Annual School Grants and the Minor Repair grant released to the schools in 2014-15 are as follows-

1.Purchase of Books, periodicals, news papers etc. (Rs.0.10 lakh per school):
To strengthen the library and enhance knowledge & information for teachers as well as students of Secondary schools and Higher Secondary schools, the grant will be utilized for
a.Purchasing of reference books for teacher & students,
b. Newspapers, periodicals/journals/magazines etc on need basis.
(Purchase of books with due reference to the lists of books recommended by the KVS (or) recommended by the State Governments (or) Text Books and Reference Books for teachers should also be included or as per the scheme formulated by Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation, the nodal agency of Govt. of India to support public library services and systems.)
(Books may be purchased from the Book Fair which will be organized under RMSA at district level.)

2.Water, electricity, telephone charges etc. (Rs.0.10 lakh per school): 
For smooth functioning of the school and to meet the daily expenses of the school, this grant will be utilized in Secondary and Higher Secondary (having secondary section) schools. The grant will cover-
a. Water,
b. Electricity,
c. Telephone charges, internet charges/ other rates and taxes,
d. Equipments for Sports, music, dance, painting, culture etc.
e. Teaching aids, instruments & appliances,
f. Stationery etc.

3.Grant for Minor Repairing (Rs.0.10 lakh per school):
To meet the urgent need for minor repairing and renovation of existing school buildings, this grant will be utilized and the suggestive works are-
a. Repair of School building,
b. Toilets,
c. Tanks,
d. Play Ground,
e. School Campus,
f. Conservancy Services,
g. Electrical fittings,
h. Sanitary & Other fittings, Furniture and fixtures etc.
4. Sanitation and ICT :
( Rs.0.15 lakh per school) To meet the expenditure of Sanitation worker not exceed Rs.1000/- may be allowed. To meet the Allowance of Rs.500/- for teachers who allotted and to look after the activities of ICT in the school.
5. Need Based works and Permission authority:
Other Expenditure time to time on need based : The suggestive items on need based to meet the expenditure with prior permission should be taken from the District Education Officer for limitation of Rs.5000/- and Regional Joint Director is competent to provide permission upto 10000/- on detailed report and outcomes should be submitted by the SMDC chairman (Head Master) along with resolution copy so as to take the decision by the competent authorities.

To ensure the proper utilization of the grants, the SMDCs will have to organize their meeting and the resolutions are required to be taken as below-
(a) Proposal of works to be done through the specific grant with priority of works. Process for implementation of the works including timeframe should also be clearly mentioned in their resolution.
(b) Resolution on community contribution & arrangement of Panchayat contribution etc either cash or kinds to support the grants are also required to be mentioned.
(c) Process for maintenance of records, registers & vouchers etc against the each work.
(d) Submission of the utilization certificate of the grants to the District Programme Co-ordinator, RMSA or Dy.Educational Officer of School concerned in the specified formats within stipulated timeframe.
In addition to resolutions of the SMDCs meeting, the following issues should also be strictly attended to:
1. The SMDCs will have to maintain a separate cash book for recording the financial transaction of the grants separately under RMSA programmes.
2. SMDCs will have to up-date their Bank Passbook immediate after receiving information on Bank transfer of the fund and the same should be recorded in the cash book in detail.
3. In case of the problems related to credit in the SMDCs A/C & other transacting process of the bank, the SMDCs should inform the District Programme Co-ordinator, RMSA concerned immediately.
4. The SMDCs will have to complete all works to be implemented through the grants within the stipulated period.
5. After implementation of every work, cash book should be updated mentioning voucher numbers etc.
6. The SMDCs must be submitted the utilization certificate of the school grants along with photocopies of vouchers within 10 days from utilization of the grants to the concerned District Programme Co-ordinator, RMSA or Dy.Educational Officer of Schools in the specified format.
7. The SMDC will be legally duty bound for utilization of the grants as per guideline. Disciplinary action will also be initiated against the defaulter SMDC and HM/ Principal of the school.
6. Community Contribution:
For effective implementation and better completion of the works, contributions of the Govt./ PRI/ Community/ Private sector (either through cash or kinds) are always encouraged and the SMDCs can receive such contributions. The details of contributions should be donated systematically and the contributions are required to be mentioned in the format for proposal of works.
Role of the District Programme Co-ordinator, RMSA or Dy.Educational Officer of Schools and others:
The Dy.Educational Officer of Schools of the district will be the overall co- ordinator for proper implementation of the Annual school grants and Minor  Repair grant and the responsibilities in utilization of the grants of the DPCs or Dy.E.O.s are as follows-
1. To ensure receipt of the grants by the SMDCs timely, the DPCs or ISs will have to co-ordinate with the nodal Bank in the district.
2. In case of error found in the Bank details along with in the list of schools, the DPCs or ISs should inform the Mission Director, RMSA, Andhra Pradesh immediately.
3. The RJD , DPC (DEO) and Dy.E.O. and other officials of RMSA will have to monitor the proper and timely utilization of the grants as per guideline during their school visit.
4. The DPC (DEO) and Dy.E.O.s are also to ensure distribution of the guidelines & formats related to proposal as well as utilization of the grants and submission of utilization through the specified format to the Mission Director, RMSA, Andhra Prdesh

A. Repair/replacement of Laboratory/Equipments/ Purchase of Lab Consumable Articles - Grant Amount:Rs. 25,000/-
  1. Annual Grant of Rs.25,000/- per School per Annum or as per Actual requirement.
  2. Science Lab for classes IX & X.
  3. Replacement and /or repairing of Laboratory equipments.
  4. Purchase of consumable/chemical etc.,
  5. Upkeep of Laboratories.
  6. Any other activity relating to Science & Mathematics.

B. Purchase of Books Periodicals news papers etc.,- Grant Amount: Rs.10,000/-
  1. Purchase of Books with due reference to the lists of books recommended by the KVS(or)
  2. List recommended by the State Government(or)
  3. Rs.10,000/- per annum or the actual expenditure, whichever is less.
  4. Text Books and reference books for teachers should also be included.
  5. (or) as per the scheme formulated by Raja Ram Mohan Ray Library
  6. Foundation, the Nodal Agency of GOI,to support Public Library Services and Systems.

C. Water & Electricity charges Telephone chages,Internet charges, other rates & Taxes - Grant Amount:Rs. 15,000/-
  1. To the extent of Grant/Actual Expenditure whichever is less to meet the expenditure incurred.

D. Minor Repair to Govt. Schools - Grant Amount:Rs. 25,000/-
  1. Available only for Govt. Schools having their own pucca Building.
  2. For repair of school building toilets play ground computer electrical fitting white washing painting sanitary and other fitting, furniture etc.,
  3. Expenditure on minor repair would not be included for calculating 50% limit for civil works.

In this regards the above grants should be utilized by the SMDC constituted for implementation of CSS RMSA scheme at School level, duly following the terms and conditions stipulate by the GOI which have already been communicated time to time. Further, they are requested to utilized the amount component wise and not to divert from prescribed component to other component and submit the utilization certificates immediately.

Therefore, guidelines and instructions should be followed scrupulously. Any deviation in following the instructions issued viewed seriously and amount miss utilized if any will be recovered from the concerned head of the institutions only besides taking disciplinary action as per rules.
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